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Item #: SCP-1563

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Specimens of SCP-1563 are contained in a sealed vivarium at Bio-Containment Site 84 built to emulate a temperate forest environment, and ten Odocoileus virginianus (White Tailed Deer) are to be released into the cell on a weekly basis. Any further specimens of SCP-1563 found in the wild are to be terminated. (See Addendum-1)

Description: SCP-1563 is a predatory organism resembling plastic property boundary markers commonly used in rural areas. Specimens of SCP-1563 usually exhibit pink coloration (with orange and blue coloration being recently discovered), though more types of coloration are thought to exist. SCP-1563 has very durable and sharp tooth-like structures measuring 1.5 mm covering the ventral side of its body. These teeth are used to puncture the skin of its prey.

SCP-1563 exhibits behavior of ambush predators, attaching itself to trees or other standing wooden structures. When a prey animal passes by, SCP-1563 will detach and leap onto its target, then wrap around its prey's neck and strangle it to death before puncturing its neck using sharp teeth and feeding on its blood. SCP-1563's preferred prey appears to be Odocoileus virginianus (White-Tailed Deer) and as such poses minimal threat to humans unless provoked or malnourished. SCP-1563 is able to survive for at most two weeks without nourishment.

SCP-1563 has two organs; a small capillary system which is presumably used to process and distribute the consumed blood throughout the body, and the aforementioned teeth, which are structured so that when blood is introduced onto the surface of the teeth, the blood will diffuse into a set of capillaries located immediately under the first layer of the teeth. SCP-1563's mean of locomotion is unknown, as no muscle tissues have been discovered. By extension, the means by which SCP-1563 circulates blood is also unknown, if circulation occurs at all.

SCP-1563 has an extremely durable cell structure composed of what appears to be a 'double'-cell wall - this 'double-cell wall' is literally two cell walls; one inner cell wall, and one outer cell wall (both in addition to the cell membrane) which forms a tight bond with adjacent cells. It is hypothesized that this double cell wall is used to help SCP-1563 stay together when attacking prey, so that they are not easily torn. SCP-1563 reproduces asexually. The specimen will split itself in two, and hunt smaller prey such as rabbits until it grows to a sufficient size. At that point, it will resume hunting White-Tailed Deer.

SCP-1563 will occasionally secrete a yellowish-brown substance, presumably waste. The excretions halt approximately 1-2 hours after they begin.

It should be noted that on touch, there is no discernible difference between SCP-1563 and a plastic property marker.

SCP-1563 came to the Foundation's attention following multiple reports of deer strangled using property markers in ████████ ██████, Virginia. Undercover Foundation agents investigating the incidents were able to identify the anomalous entity responsible, and a containment team was able to secure several specimens and transport them to Temporary-Storage Site ██.

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