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Item #: SCP-1562

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1562 is currently quarantined in Testing Lab 46-V in Site 24. The door to the lab is to remain locked at all times. As testing is currently suspended, all access is denied unless special clearance is granted by Dr. Carver.

Description: SCP-1562 is a metal playground slide measuring 2.2 meters high and 3.4 meters long. SCP-1562 was acquired from an abandoned playground on the outskirts of ██████████, ███████ after several children in the area went missing. The object's anomalous effects only manifest when a person slides down head-first on their stomach with their arms tucked down at their sides; any other orientation of the body or limbs while sliding results in no effect, and only human beings are affected.

When a person slides down SCP-1562 in the aforementioned manner, they will disappear instantly and completely at approximately 15 cm before the end of the slide. So far no one who has disappeared while using SCP-1562 this way has been recovered. Attempts to tie safety lines to test subjects in an effort to pull them back have ended in failure, as the tether is severed at the moment the test subject disappears. Communication with test subjects that have disappeared is possible and ongoing, and detailed in the logs below.

Communication was suspended with D-2445 while researchers discussed possible methods of retrieval. A consensus was reached to send down another D-Class attached to a tether, with additional video and audio recording equipment, a GPS tracker, and a headlamp. Communication was re-established with D-2445 to inform him of the plan.

Shortly after this, D-8600 was sent down SCP-1562 with the equipment noted above. D-8600 was selected for his small stature and thin body shape, in hopes he would be able to move more easily than D-2445. The rope used to tether D-8600 was severed at the same moment D-8600 vanished from SCP-1562, and the GPS tracker's signal could not be traced. The following audio was recorded after contact was established with D-8600.

No further response from D-8600 was recorded. Subsequent attempts to re-establish radio contact with D-8600 and D-2445 were unsuccessful. Testing has been suspended indefinitely.

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