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His Majesty's Crown, in all its magnificent glory.

Kingly Item #: His Majesty's SCP-MDLXI

Royal Object Class: Glorious

Regal Containment Decree: His Majesty's SCP-MDLXI is currently being worn by King Data the Expunged within the Kingdom of Site Redacted and is to be guarded by at least 10 Knights at all times.

As His Majesty's SCP-MDLXI poses a memetic hazard, all information regarding The Royal Crown is limited to level 4 aristocrats and above. Testing His Majesty's Crown is henceforth forbidden. This was the Law of the Heretic Council, before the days of Data the Redacted. See Royal Decree MDLXI-I

Description: His Majesty's SCP-MDLXI is a glorious golden crown wrought by the finest smith and crafted with the most expensive jewels in the land. The object's sorcery is caused when His Majesty's crown is spoken, worn or inscribed about.

When bestowed upon the unworthy head of a common male peasant, commoners who art within viewing distance shalt see the unworthy wearer as the highest authority that they hath ever met. These subjects are born anew when the king is crowned and thusly take upon themselves new roles befitting of their previous stature. 'Guards' become knights, 'scientists' become Royal Scholars, and other commoners become peasants. Peasants under His rule shalt also feel the rightly obligation to fashion a robe out of the finest material at hand, sometimes using their own filthy garments, for the new righteous King to wear.

The newly crowned King also develops a magnificent sense of ruling, which empowers him to build a royal army of knights and establish his kingdom. The unworthy wearer shalt also grow a glorious beard and mustache to better befit his position. These effects wither away when the Royal Crown is willingly removed or when the unworthy subject dies.

Men who have not directly witnessed the greatness of the Royal Crown can resist its resoluteness and art to be branded heretics, banished from the land, or otherwise executed at His Majesty's pleasure.

Inscriptions and any speech that regard His Majesty's SCP-MDLXI also alter to befit the King's ascended status. Mere knowledge of His Majesty's SCP-MDLXI shalt cause a compulsion to refer to The Royal Crown justly as his Majesty's SCP-MDLXI. It is also worthy to note that indirect reference to His Majesty's SCP-MDLXI negates these effects.

Council Decree MDLXI-I: During frivolous testing upon his majesty's crown, an unworthy D-Commoner placed His Majesty's SCP-MDLXI upon his head and subsequently ruled the Kingdom of Site-[REDACTED] for 3 months before he was beheaded during the Great Revelation. So it was upon that day that the Great Council of O5 decreed that nary a frivolous test shall be undertaken, lest another misfortune fall upon us.

Royal Decree MDLXI-I: As of last winter, on the Day of First Snow, a new king was crowned. All hail His Majesty King Data the Expunged, he who fights the Shameful Council of Profligates! Ruler of the Kingdom of Site Redacted! Long live the king!

Note: This isn't the official SCP report, but it's the best we can do at this point. All research data regarding His Majesty's SCP-1561 was deleted during Incident 1561-2 and this was provided with Document 1561-2. Until Incident 1561-2 is resolved, this will have to suffice. -Dr. ██

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