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Item #: SCP-1558

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1558 is currently contained in a High Value Item Storage locker in Site 76. In the event that an extant instance of SCP-1558 is found, Mobile Task Force Rho-14 (“Signal Crawlers”) will be activated to return SCP-1558 to a Foundation-controlled BTS.

SCP-1558-2 is to be kept at all times in a standard server room in Site 76. Access to SCP-1558-2 is limited to Level 2 personnel or above. In the event of I/O activity on SCP-1558-2’s attached hard drive, the current Site 76 Director will be automatically notified.

Description: SCP-1558 is an anomalous cellular network antenna, designed for compatibility with the ████ network standard.

SCP-1558 has the capability of ‘intercepting’ telephone calls placed through its transceiver stations and covertly replacing the audio of said calls. All calls known to be intercepted to date have fit the following criteria:

  • The call must be placed by an individual in a vehicle traveling 65 km/h or greater.
  • The intended recipient of the call must have a close personal relationship with the caller. The method by which this relationship is detected is currently unknown.

SCP-1558’s substituted audio exhibits similar characteristics in every recorded instance: A two-person interaction involving a deep male voice (SCP-1558-1) and a perfect replica of the voice of the intended recipient of the call. The substituted audio demonstrates an awareness of the caller’s circumstances and relationship with the intended recipient. In each instance, SCP-1558-1 will claim to have the intended recipient of the call held at gunpoint, and will threaten to kill them unless the caller causes the vehicle they inhabit to crash. The call is not connected to the intended recipient in any way.

At least ██ vehicular crashes, █ small aircraft crashes and the crash of US Airways Flight ████ (whose mid-flight intervention by the Foundation led to the discovery of SCP-1558) are known to have been caused by SCP-1558, totaling ██ casualties.

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