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Image enclosed with Document-TS-1551

Item #: SCP-1551-EX

Object Class: Explained

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1551-EX is to be held in Enclosure 19 at Biological Research Area-12 until a permanent housing solution can be found.

Description: SCP-1551-EX is a domestic pig (Sus domesticus), with a human face grafted onto its forehead. The face was formerly that of Mateo G. Hernandez, a pig farmer from Extremadura, Spain. SCP-1551-EX is also lacking its left ear, right eye, and left foreleg.

Addendum 1551.1 Document-TS-1551:
Upon discovery of SCP-1551-EX, a satchel secured around its torso was recovered. It contained a folded note along with the above image:

Addendum 1551.2 Test Log:
Given the nature of other anomalies recovered from the Tiny Señor line of products, it was suspected that SCP-1551-EX would have anomalous abilities. A series of tests were performed on SCP-1551-EX to determine if it possessed any anomalous properties. An abridged list of tests is listed here. For a full list see document-1551-EX-TL.

Test 1
Goal: Discover if SCP-1551-EX is capable of speech.
Procedure: SCP-1551-EX was interviewed in 27 different languages.
Result: No successful communication. All questions were responded to with regular squealing and oinking.

Test 2
Goal: Figure out if SCP-1551-EX shared the memories of Mateo G. Hernandez.
Procedure: SCP-1551-EX was shown pictures of Hernandez's husband and children. It was also given choices between Hernandez's favorite foods and steamed vegetables.
Result: SCP-1551-EX stepped on and walked past photos of the family, ignoring the favored dishes to consume the vegetables.

Test 10
Goal: To tell if SCP-1551-EX is able to see through the eyes of the face on its forehead.
Procedure: The pig eyes were blindfolded with a cloth wrapped around its head. SCP-1551-EX was then guided to attempt to return to its enclosure.
Result: SCP-1551-EX was unable to make its way back, bumping into walls with the human eyes showing no signs of use. Blindfold was removed and it was able to get straight to its pen efficiently without incident.
Notes: Complications due to the blindfold having been applied too tightly led to SCP-1551-EX losing sight through its right eye.

Test 19
Goal: Check if Mateo G. Harnandez's soul has been transferred to SCP-1551-EX.
Procedure: Staff from the Department of Spiritual Communication were brought in to check the entity's soul for fragments of Mateo G. Hernandez.
Result: The Spiritualists could not uncover any non-pig soul.

Test 26
Goal: See whether the removal of the entity's skin causes it to regrow as human.
Procedure: A small chunk of SCP-1551-EX's right ear was surgically removed. SCP-1551-EX was then observed for a month.
Result: All regrown skin was that of a baseline pig.
Notes: During regrowth, the ear became infected. A full amputation of the ear was needed to stop the spread of infected tissue.

Test 34
Goal: Given the content of the enclosed image, an attempt to see if SCP-1551-EX had the ability to walk in a bipedal manner was conducted.
Procedure: Two researchers held SCP-1551-EX up by its two front legs so that it was fully supported by only its back legs then let go.
Result: Procedure was carried out 7 times. The longest SCP-1551-EX was able to stay standing upright was during attempt 4 for a total of 3 seconds.
Notes: During its release on attempt 7, the entity landed with its front left leg incorrectly, fracturing multiple bones. It was unable to recover from the injury and its left leg has been amputated.

After the results of test 34, testing was suspended. Anomaly then reclassified as Explained.

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