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Item #: SCP-1551

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Two agents are to integrate themselves in the town of ████ █████, Argentina, under civilian guise. Integrating agents are to move into 12 ████ Street, a purchased house, in order to maintain constant surveillance of SCP-1551. Any civilian coming within 30 meters of SCP-1551 are to be questioned and, if not found to be an instance of SCP-1551-X, given a Class-C amnestic and released. New instances of SCP-1551-X are to be interviewed for confirmation of having gone through the events associated with SCP-1551 before being allowed into SCP-1551. At this time, precautions against a resident of SCP-1551 leaving the containment area are not necessary.

Description: SCP-1551 is a house located in ████ █████, Argentina. SCP-1551 is associated with a repetitive sequence of events that target humans, causing them to eventually be forced by circumstance to live in SCP-1551. These humans are individually assigned a number, so that the first known human under SCP-1551 would be referred to as SCP-1551-01, the second human SCP-1551-02, the third as SCP-1551-03 and so on. When the previous human living in SCP-1551 dies, the sequence of events associated with SCP-1551 repeats. According to reports dating as far back as 19██, the events have repeated themselves 23 times, with the current individual being SCP-1551-23. Almost all iterations have begun with the previous individual's suicide, with the only exception being an accident from falling off the roof of SCP-1551 during repairs.

The exact mechanism of these events are currently unknown, with multiple theories being discussed. See Document 1551-01T for more information. A tentative theory of the events associated with SCP-1551 have been established; see Addendum 1551-T for more detail.

SCP-1551 appears as a house in an extremely dilapidated state. The building itself is not known to exhibit anomalous properties apart from those attributed to the events. Research is ongoing; see Interview log 1551-23-02 for more detail. SCP-1551 contains a kitchen, a living room, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms. The house has no functioning plumbing, heating or electricity. The house itself has only basic furnishings, with the current SCP-1551-23 living primarily in the kitchen. SCP-1551-23 is a male of Ashkenazi Jewish descent, approximately 43 years of age. Subject spends all his time attempting to repair SCP-1551; this task is impossible for a single person. The only time he is seen outside of SCP-1551 is to tend to the backyard garden, the only area of the property not in a state of gross disrepair. SCP-1551-23 is fully cooperative towards any Foundation personnel and has lived on the property for █ years, the longest of any human that has lived in SCP-1551 since coming into Foundation custody (the average being 3 months).

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