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Item: SCP-1550

Object Class: Euclid/Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1550 has caused several disasters already, by significantly altering humanoid SCPs' personalities and abilities which confuses new researchers, messes with records, and poses a very real physical danger. Because of this, all research on 1550 has been halted, and it is kept in a small storage locker, triple-locked, under express orders not to be removed.

Description: 1550 is a stylish metal wheelchair, with electronics in both armrests. It is motorized and can reach speeds up to 15 miles per hour. On a molecular and tangible level it is completely normal; however, when a humanoid SCP sits in on the seat, six things will happen instantaneously:

  • They will lose all the hair on their head. The scalp is often described as "soft" and "baby smooth"
  • They will be paralyzed from the waist down as long as they remain in 1550.
  • They will develop telepathic abilities.
  • A dramatic change in disposition will occur; they will become calm and highly intelligent, although manipulativeness and slight ruthlessness have been noted as well.
  • They will refer to themselves as Professor, and then the first letter of their last name.
  • They will begin calling all other humanoid SCPs metahumans, mutants, or homo superior, and will believe that either the facility they reside in is a "school for gifted youngsters", was a school, or the people inside used to be students but were kidnapped by The Foundation. In this case, 1550-1 will attempt to coordinate an escape. All other circumstances lead to them training the "mutants" and trying to form them into "superhero teams". If task forces exist that utilize certain humanoid SCPs, the professor will attempt to assume leadership of these teams, and make the SCPs more central.

1550-1 will begin wheeling around whatever site they are contained in, speaking with scientists and workers. As they pass by rooms of humanoid SCPs they will engage them in conversation, and certain alterations to reality will begin to manifest. This does not require contact; if 1550-1 remains in the chair for a long enough time, The X-Men Syndrome, as it is called, will spread in a radius further and further out. Certain similarities can be observed every time:

  • All humanoid SCPs on location will gradually become more handsome and appealing. They will all drop in age until they are teenagers. Women's breast sizes will grow. Men will become fit and tan. For example, 661 lost all of his belly fat, and became a trim and muscled hunk.
  • Perhaps because of the loss of age, humanoid SCPs will suddenly become slightly depressed and moody, often times lamenting their fate and complaining of hardships in their life. However it should be noted that SCPs that were completely suicidal originally fare better; their depression is lessened, and they either begin writing poetry, making long speeches, or "hinting at a dark past".
  • Relationships between the SCPs will increase dramatically. Almost everyone will be friends with everyone else, and a good percent are paired up with a member of the opposite or same sex. It is hard to tell the exact amount however, because these relationships frequently shift; there are often fights, and what the teenagers refer to as "drama".
  • Each humanoid SCP will insist on being called a made up nickname in some way pertaining to their power. These monikers are often cheesy, but the SCPs don't seem to notice this and use them with pride. For example, 202 would frequently charge into battle (why and how a safe SCP with abilities that only affected himself could fight will be explained later) after shouting his name out, which is "Rewind". However, the SCPs do also allow, if only given a choice between their number and actual personal names, to let staff use that instead, which has led to the discovery that their legal names have somehow been altered on all records and birth certificates into a name that somehow relates to their power, no matter how large of a coincidence this would be. (SCP-182's name changed from ████████ █████to Brian Mind, and SCP-693's from ███ █████ to Electro Shock.)
  • The SCP's morals will either shift firmly to the side of "right" or at the very least, "anti-hero with a dark past". Most of the time, this happens only in cases when the SCP was only apathetic or mildly sociopathic. If the SCP has beforehand decided that they are a villain, or has a history of murder, they will start out good, and then experience a "tragic" fall to the dark side, as is the case of Vector, who betrayed the "A-Men", and Ogre, a handsome blond haired pretty boy (the altered form of 082) who gave into his vicious cannibalism-powered growing abilities, and fled into the wilderness.
  • The SCP's abilities will become vastly oversimplified, and lose all scientific basis. Often times, the most useful explications will become the full power, and everything else will fade away. There is a focus on defensive and offensive capabilities. In other cases, if the ability is too complex to be useful, it will change almost completely, into something very basic. No abnormalities will exist that only have harmful effects on the owner; every single one seems to be able to be utilized as a weapon or tool. For example, SCP-███, who previously was involved in an incredibly sophisticated interplay between energy, matter, and the environment, simply gained the ability to "throw tornado balls". It often seems that one word out of the description of the SCP will be appended to the word "beam", and that will become their power. For example 114 shot "war beams" and 336 suddenly gained the gift of "love lasers". 132 started launching "sorrow beams" as well, that inexplicably were green and sometimes caused people's heads to explode.
  • Escape rates in non-humanoid SCPs will increase rapidly, and humanoid SCPs will attempt to recapture them.

The changes in reality begin first around the person sitting in 1550 and SCPs in their cells, each one a small pocket of reality that contradicts the rest of the world. But soon, the entire dynamic of The Foundation begins to change. After a week, SCPs will be free to leave their rooms, and wander around, and most requests are granted. Reports will consist of nothing but lists on their likes and dislikes, and inventories of all the cool music and movies they own. Research will be halted because it is inhumane. Class designations will not be how dangerous or hard to contain they are, but simple power levels, with Keter class bragging about their potential and how much better they are than everyone else. These will often be replaced with simple numbers, or categories that indicate how far along they are on the "evolutionary scale". Soon, in no less then a month, SCPs will be on every task force, and all major operations will consist of them. Often they will create their own team, and attempt to be "superheroes". They will begin dressing in leather jackets and pants, although some do prefer older more retro uniforms like capes and tights, and inordinate amounts of money will begin draining from The Foundation in order to build special bases, homes and school grounds, equipment, and virtual reality simulation facilities. The Professor will begin training them in karate and the martial arts, although this will also begin happening spontaneously, in the confines of their own room (they will all of a sudden for no discernible reason begin kicking and flying through the air) if 1550-1 does not meet them in time. (Iris became a black belt in one day.) Beast and artifact SCPs will fade away, and become all but forgotten. It is often at this time that some backlash is noted; whether this is rational or part of 1550's effect is unknown. Scientists will slowly begin trying to sabotage and rein in the team, or use them towards their own nefarious ends. SCPs will often discover The Foundational is still experimenting on someone, and be shocked and dismayed, causing more conflict and friction. In the end, several large scale termination attempts are approved. In addition to these fairly logical responses, several irrational ones appear as well. Scientists will lose their sanity, and attempt to take over the world using the task forces. Overseers will order the building of giant robots. Well meaning level four personnel start working on a "cure", even though it should be patently impossible.

It is unknown what happens if it would be allowed to progress beyond this, point but it is theorized that it would result in the complete destruction of The Foundation, and the eventual victorious emergence of some kind of benevolent "mutant" organization, with SCPs as agents and staff, traveling around the world, fighting crime in a stealth jet.

Addendum 01:

During a Chaos Insurgency attack on Sector ██, 076's legs were blown off during helping repulse the assault. An agent pulled the SCP and managed to sit him down in a wheelchair that had been pulled out of the closet, so Able could continue fighting. "I expected him to start throwing swords from a seated position, or attach rotating saws to the wheels and start zooming around on them." Instead as soon as Able touched the seat of 1550, he said, softly "They're attacking because of intolerance" and then took a rocket to the head. Later tests confirmed the anomalous properties, although Able is unique in the fact that despite the pacifistic mind that is created, he still will attempt to maliciously kick and trip people by grabbing a hold of his pants leg and swinging the disabled limbs at them.

Addendum 02:

Log 1550-13

(Three scientists are walking down the hallways with Able on 1550. They briefly meet up with 2 scientists talking to a young girl, who was about to be categorized as SCP-███.)

Scientist: So welcome to Site 17-

Able: the school for gifted youngsters.

Scientist 2: What?

Girl: Why do I have to be here? Oh, why am I cursed with this-

Able: You must not think of it that way. With great power comes great responsibility. In time you will learn to control-

Girl: But my power is that my imaginary friends and whatever else I fantasize about comes alive and turns evil and tortures me in my mind. How is that-

Able: (continues) You will find here the finest facilities at your service. You are free to go wherever you like and—

Scientist 2 and 3: (they just shake their head whenever the girl looks at them)

Able: —and soon in time, you will meet others of your kind. This is a safe haven for mutants, where you will not be persecuted.

Scientist 1: (sighs)

Guard 3: (puts palm to head)

Able: My name is Professor A, and -

(suddenly, 132 bursts out of her room)

132: I feel the world's sorrow!

Girl: Wow, she's cool!

Able: Yes. Her name is Sorrow. She is one of the select few. An A-man.

Scientist: What…the…fuck…

Able: Ah, and here are the quarters of 415. He's a lovable rogue.

415: Hey, I told you I don't like doctors. Get away from me. (three medical assistants are attempting to look him over)

415: Back off, bub.

Doctor: Now, 415…

415: It's Steve. OK. Either Steve or my codename. OK? Got it? Hey. Seriously. Don't come near me! You know I'm going to stab you with one of my claws.

Doctor: What in God's name are you talking about?

415: Well look at all these modifications. You don't think they'd give me claws or something?

Doctor: But why? They were harvesting your organs. What purpose would it serve- ah! He really does have claws!

Doctor: Jesus, when did he get those?!

Able: We have quite a motley crew here. But we all love each other like family. (a young Asian girl jumps down from a balcony overhead, and slowly lifts out of a crouch. she is wearing a leather jacket and motorcycle boots)

Scientist: 231!

Able: You mean Marvel Woman?

Girl: What's her power, mister?

231: Well, I can [DATA EXPUNGED]



Scientist 2: (mouth wide open, shocked expression on his face)

231: I also like shopping.

(This is a transcript of a conversation between Able and Iris, when someone else besides 076 was sitting in the chair)

Iris: Hey! Stay away from Alice, Computra, OK?

Able: You're not the boss of me, Triclops! (he is referring to Iris as Triclops because of a mechanical device strapped on top of her head)

Iris: She's my girlfriend. Stop trying to butt in-

Able: Shut your face!

Iris: You think you can say whatever you want just because you have stubble and sideburns?

Able: Mutton chops!

Mediating researcher: I don't want to interrupt, but Able, aren't you incapable of feeling love?

Able: No… I just have a dark past.

Researcher: Huh?

Able: I'm generally good at heart. I've had a tough life, though.

Researcher: I've seen you stab a kid in the face!

Able: No. I only fight against those who seek to harm me.

Researcher: You've devastated an entire base with one sword before!

Able: Must have been under mind control, bub. Used to be in a super soldier program, after all. *chews on cigar*

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