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Item #: SCP-1550

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All adult SCP-1550 specimens are to be contained in a sealed 5m by 5m by 5m terrarium simulating desert conditions under electronic surveillance and implanted with tracking devices. In event of an escape, the affected sector will be locked down until all specimens have been recaptured. SCP-1550 eggs are to be kept in their airtight packaging apart from in testing. The total population of SCP-1550 adults is not to exceed twenty at a time, with further specimens being terminated and their corpses incinerated. All testing must be approved by Level 3 staff or higher. All uncontained instances of SCP-1550 discovered must immediately be killed on sight.

Description: Item SCP-1550 is an apparently artificial species of unknown classification whose larvae have the ability to undergo metamorphoses into a form which is adapted for their environment. However, despite adaptations, all specimens possess a tattoo-like set of markings on their underbelly reading [DATA EXPUNGED] - a Dr. Wondertainment Trademark" and none will grow to over ██ centimeters in length. Due to SCP-1550's powers of adaptation, it is unknown if the species has an original form, and if so what it is. SCP-1550 eggs are 1-centimeter-long flesh-toned ovoids, which will only hatch if exposed to air. When packaged, they are stored under airtight plastic seals apparently for transport. Dissection of unhatched eggs reveals them to simply contain a biological mucoid substance containing fragmentary DNA of unknown origin. As adult SCP-1550 specimens appear to be sterile it is unknown how the eggs are created.

SCP-1550 » Experiment Log


SCP-1550 was brought into containment after a series of ten (10) cardboard packages printed with stylized images of SCP-1550 specimens and the words "Dr. Wondertainment's Custom-Pets™!" each containing six (6) SCP-1550 eggs in separate airtight compartments and a short instruction leaflet was found in the exotic pets section of the ████████████ pet store. Upon interrogation of store workers, it was proven that none possessed knowledge of SCP-1550.

Instruction leaflet for SCP-1550:
Enclosed with original packaging.

Hey Kids! Your parents aren't letting you get a dog or cat? Don't fret, buy a Dr. Wondertainment Custom-Pet™!

A Dr. Wondertainment's Custom-Pet™ is far superior to an ordinary and boring cat or dog due to their original Adapto-Eggs™ packaging, a Dr. Wondertainment invention! Just leave your Custom-Pet™ Adapto-Eggs™ around the house and when they hatch they'll fit right in. Perfect for apartments!

To get your very own Custom-Pets™ is easy kids! Just put an egg in your house and break the plastic seal to give your new pet some air so it can hatch. Your new pet will be perfect for where you live, wherever you live! If your new Custom-Pet™ seems lonely just add another Adapto-Egg™ and get him a new friend!

Warning for parents: please monitor your children's placement of Adapto-Eggs™ to prevent ██████████. Dr. Wondertainment is not responsible for injuries or death caused by this or any other product.

Wondertainment Custom-Pets™ are shipped out pre-fixed'!

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