A space connecting ""'s associated SCP-1549-A area and ""'s associated SCP-1549-A area.

Item #: SCP-1549

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Instances of SCP-1549 are to be analyzed and flagged by Foundation webcrawlers upon their creation. Domains containing frequently used key phrases generated in correlation to SCP-1549 are to be monitored for any suspicious activity and purged from all online archives and databases. Members of Mobile Task Force Kappa-10 ("Skynet"), Mobile Task Force Mu-4 ("Debuggers"), and Mobile Task Force Rho-9 ("Technical Support") are to work in tandem to safely quarantine all affected sites and data from public repositories. If any references resembling that of SCP-1549 are detected, disinformation campaign procedures should be implemented immediately based on the publicity and nature of the reference in question. Locating PoI-1549 is considered a high priority for all involved personnel, although the most direct and efficient methods of doing so are currently not known at this time.

Description: SCP-1549 is the collective designation for websites containing an anomalous onload script titled "belowaverage.js". Attempts to trace the location of the library used to run the script have ultimately ended in failure. Implementation of this code into SCP-1549 instances allow a subject to physically enter their device's screen as an unknown form of periphery. This script converts the user's monitor or haptic feedback screen into a direct Human Interface Device (HID).

The action of entering one's screen must be voluntary; all attempts to force unintended interactions with SCP-1549 have not yielded any anomalous effects. Subjects who are aware of SCP-1549's effect and attempt to interact with the webpage will be temporarily compressed into a data medium that is interpretable by the system, allowing the screen to act as a portal into a physical locality that is defined as an extradimensional space acting as a facsimile/tangible proxy of the website. In all reported instances of SCP-1549-A, the space has been defined as a series of indoor locales with no visible exteriors or windows of any kind. Information media has been shown to represent itself as physical copies of the data in question1.

On occasion, humanoid informational constructs have been found to manifest within the confines of SCP-1549-A instances. These entities, designated SCP-1549-B, are always found to act as ancillary staff such as janitors or receptionists. All SCP-1549-A locations are connected, meaning that any website running SCP-1549 will have their corresponding SCP-1549-A space connect to all other SCP-1549-A instances, often through structures represented as blank hallways or ventilation shafts. When a subject exits the portal through which they entered, they will invariably exit through the screen associated with the IP or MAC address they entered through. However, if a subject exits through a portal associated with a separate SCP-1549 instance / SCP-1549-A location, they will be able to exit through any device accessing the SCP-1549 instance as long as they can visualize the associated IP or MAC address of said device. If they are unable to exit via these means, they will ultimately return to SCP-1549-A unhindered.

Addendum-1549 | History of SCP-1549 Events

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