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SCP-1535-1 during interview.

Item #: SCP-1535

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1535 is to be kept in a security locker at Site-18. The object should be handled carefully during testing due to its fragile nature. The lid of SCP-1535 is to be kept in a separate locker, only to be removed during testing.

Description: SCP-1535 is a glass mason jar manufactured by the Ball company in 1946. SCP-1535 is physically similar to a typical glass mason jar.

Anomalous properties of SCP-1535 present themselves when non-sapient entities such as insects or reptiles are placed within and the lid of SCP-1535 is sealed.

Entities present within SCP-1535 after it has been sealed gain the ability to reason, fluency in the Spanish language, familiarity with Catholicism, and knowledge of Morse code. Residents of SCP-1535 are referred to as SCP-1535-1.

Attempts to open the lid of SCP-1535 without damaging SCP-1535 have proven to be ineffective while living SCP-1535-1 are located within. The lid of SCP-1535 is removed simply when SCP-1535 no longer contains living SCP-1535-1. SCP-1535-1 expires 1-2 hours after being sealed within, presumably due to lack of oxygen.

Interview 1535-1: A firefly is used in the following test for ease of communication. Testing with species of reptile and insect have proven themselves to be similar in result.

SCP-1535-1 communicates by blinking in Morse code.

SCP-1535-1: Father, is it really you?

Researcher Breen: Yes.

SCP-1535-1: I am at your will. You understand the joy I feel now seeing you finally.

Researcher Breen: Tell me your name.

SCP-1535-1: I was named Camilo de Garibay after my father, also a devout servant.

Researcher Breen: How did you get here?

SCP-1535-1: I followed the light in the darkness.

Researcher Breen: Could you be more specific? What happened before this?

SCP-1535-1: I… well as you know, I died by a sinful disease. Please forgive me.

Researcher Breen: You are forgiven.

SCP-1535-1: I have always wondered, what happens now that I am here? I am accepted here, correct? I have been faithful.

Researcher Breen: Are you aware of your present condition?

SCP-1535-1: This is… strange, but I do not question your ways.

Researcher Breen: Thank you. (Breen speaks through the intercom.) Interview is complete, please remove SCP-1535.

More light can be seen flashing in increasing intervals from SCP-1535-1.

Researcher Breen: One moment, there may be something else here.

SCP-1535-1: I have been faithful! I have destroyed evil men for you! Please! Please let me in! Please!

Researcher Breen:

SCP-1535-1 begins flying around SCP-1535 violently, colliding with its walls before falling to the bottom.

SCP-1535-1: Is this Hell?

Researcher Breen: Not really.

Interview Concluded

SCP-1535-1 does not communicate afterward. SCP-1535-1 expires in 2 hours.

Researcher's Note: So far, all SCP-1535-1 entities claim to be deceased residents of Castilian Spain who lived between the years of 1500 and 1600.

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