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Item #: SCP-1532

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As the exact location of SCP-1532 is unknown, current containment procedures are focused on preventing public awareness of its capabilities. Mobile Task Force Gamma-5 (aka "They're on our side, Sir!") has created a media campaign informing the public that SCP-1532 is an illegal company guilty of mail fraud, and that all copies of SCP-1532-b should be turned over to the proper authorities as soon as possible. Any instances of SCP-1532-b are to be found and destroyed, and Class-C amnestics are to be given to any witnesses. Any suspected instances of SCP-1532-a found outside of Foundation custody are to be captured and tested to confirm or deny if they are SCP-1532-a. Confirmed instances of SCP-1532-a are to be kept for study or termination as necessary. Instances of SCP-1532-a may be tested in conjunction with other SCP objects by personnel with Level 5 clearance.

Description: SCP-1532 is an unknown facility that artificially creates and sells human beings. SCP-1532 will advertise itself by spontaneously generating catalogs (collectively referred to as SCP-1532-b) in the mailboxes of residential addresses across the U.S.A. and Canada. Tests of these catalogs show that they are not anomalous and are printed on normal rotogravure paper with ordinary printing ink. SCP-1532-b instructs the reader to create a human being by selecting a large number of available traits and writing them into the order form in the back of the catalog, then mailing it in using the included pre-paid envelope. Individual traits found in SCP-1532-b have specific prices, with the average purchase costing [REDACTED] per human purchased. Purchases can be paid for either by including cash with the order form or by writing in a credit card number on the form, in which case the appropriate amount of money will be removed from the bank account and transferred to an unknown destination. Tests have shown that SCP-1532 only accepts United States or Canadian dollars for cash payments, and will accept all major credit cards.

When an SCP-1532-b order form is properly filled out and placed in a mailbox, it spontaneously disappears within six hours of placement. Three to five weeks later a human being identical to the order placed (collectively referred to as SCP-1532-a) is delivered to the address of the sender by a blue van with the words “Dr. Gale’s Human Emporium©” painted on the side. The van spontaneously appears eight kilometers away from its destination, drops off an instance of SCP-1532-a, and then disappears after traveling another eight kilometers. All attempts to follow or track the van have failed.

Instances of SCP-1532-a appear physically indistinguishable to normal humans; however, they all share certain properties that make them possible to identify and locate. All instances of SCP-1532-a have an identical fingerprint pattern, which has been given to police forces across the continental U.S. under the pretense of a missing person. All instances of SCP-1532-a are completely sterile and unable to sexually reproduce. DNA tests of instances of SCP-1532-a shows that they all contain an identical specific non-coding sequence on Chromosome 19 that is not found anywhere else in nature.

- These things are biologically indistinguishable from humans and aren’t that expensive. If we could purchase them in bulk we could eliminate the need for D-class all together. – Dr. E█████

- Negative. Until we find the location of SCP-1532 and discover how these things are being made, we must consider them as potentially hostile entities and deal with them appropriately. – O5-██

- Why are we spending so many Foundation resources to attempt to locate SCP-1532, when we don’t even know that it exists in any way we can comprehend? Everything we know about it comes from instances of SCP-1532-a and -b. What if it only exists in whatever realm of reality the delivery vans come from and go to? – O5-█

- The potential gains for the Foundation warrant further investigation. Furthermore, the entity identified as “Dr. Gale” knew Dr. C████‘s name and appeared to know about the existence of the SCP Foundation, representing a serious security breach we must pursue. – O5-██

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