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Item #: SCP-1520

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1520 is to be seated in the corner of a standard cell of the type used to contain Safe-class humanoid SCP objects. No furniture, fixtures, or amenities are to be provided. No external or internal light sources are to be provided except when SCP-1520 is being directly interacted with; when interaction is necessary, personnel shall wear low-light goggles and light provided shall be of a bare minimum necessary to allow their functioning. The chamber is to be soundproofed to prevent any external stimulus. Air shall be filtered constantly and silently to prevent any odiferous compounds from accumulating. Air temperature is to be maintained at 16ºC.

SCP-1520 is to be fed one nutritionally-supplemented wafer with a neutral taste profile once per day, as well as 30 mL of filtered water. Interaction with SCP-1520 for interview and examination purposes shall be kept to a minimum. Any physical interaction with SCP-1520 is to be conducted by personnel wearing elbow-length gloves and direct contact between SCP-1520 and exposed flesh is not to occur. Medical examination of SCP-1520 shall be conducted once per month to determine whether additional attention is required; SCP-1520 is not to be adjusted from its current position during examinations unless necessary, and all examinations are to be performed as quietly and in as little light as possible.

SCP-1520 may be provided, at its request, with a pair of opaque goggles.

Description: SCP-1520 is a human male of Japanese ancestry, approximately 400 years of age at the time it entered Foundation custody. SCP-1520 is highly desiccated and dehydrated in a manner resembling the corpses of Buddhist monks prepared by an archaic process called sokushinbutsu, wherein the aspirant was gradually dehydrated by means of a special diet over the course of several years in order to produce a natural mummy after death. SCP-1520's flesh is dried and translucent and is stretched taut over its bones. X-ray and MRI analysis has shown that musculature and internal organs, excluding the brain, eyes, and ears, are severely atrophied. SCP-1520 has been noted to inhale and exhale once approximately every 8.3 minutes - heart rate is approximately 2-3 beats per hour. SCP-1520's circulatory system contains less than 0.5 liters of blood - other bodily fluids are found in quantities negligible to nonexistent. SCP-1520's body temperature is not significantly higher than room temperature. Due to its inhibited metabolism, SCP-1520 requires little food or water and does not appear to excrete or sweat.

SCP-1520 is fully conscious and aware of its surroundings, and is able to speak a dialect of Japanese found in ████████ Prefecture in the 16th century, and to make signs through simple movements of its hands and fingers. SCP-1520 is either unwilling or unable to engage in any other physical movements. When not being interacted with by Foundation personnel, SCP-1520 sits in a Lotus position, motionless except for breathing and occasional quiet recitation of prayers; at other times, it appears to be sleeping or meditating and does not react to external stimuli. It is not apparent whether SCP-1520 is capable of sleep or whether it remains aware of its surroundings during these periods of inactivity.

SCP-1520 was surrendered to Foundation custody in 1946, when United States Army personnel found it enshrined in a Buddhist temple in ███████████, Japan during the Allied occupation. Temple priests referred to SCP-1520 as a "living Buddha" who had undergone sokushinbutsu in 1576, and had been revered as a god by the templegoers.

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