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Item #: SCP-1519

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1519 are constructed for the purposes of testing and disposed of immediately after testing concludes. Blueprints for SCP-1519 are housed in a secure file at Site-19. Access to SCP-1519 blueprints is limited to researchers with a clearance of 3 or higher, as per testing schedule and outline.

The SCP-1519 original is to be housed in a 30L tank filled with saline solution. The object is to be fed three times daily.

Description: SCP-1519 is a small cylindrical biological system weighing on average .5 kg, constructed of human joints, tendons, fat, grey matter, nervous tissue, hippocampus, cartilage, teeth, veins, and a single heart. Composition of the object is relatively simple, consisting of only twenty (20) individual components, with the heart being the only organ in the system.

Two openings on both ends of the object are lined in a circular pattern with teeth that move rhythmically in an open and close motion when disconnected from a feed. It is possible to feed biological material through either opening, with SCP-1519 producing waste material on the opposite side in a time relative to the quality of SCP-1519s digestive materials.

Dissection of the object reveals no anomalous occurrence or materials. A single, unique organ fabricated from the parts of a stomach, intestine, and heart is internally connected to the heart of the object. This organ is artificially constructed and found in no other known fauna.

SCP-1519 generates an electrical charge. Foundation reconstructions of SCP-1519 have a lifespan of approximately four years when constructed of human materials. Constructions using biological materials found in winged insects produce an SCP-1519 with a lifespan of roughly four days.

SCP-1519's mouths, or openings, can be fed into virtually any power source. The ‘lips’ on the ends of SCP-1519 reflexively form a conductive, vacuum sealed barrier to facilitate the flow of generated electricity from SCP-1519. SCP-1519 will detach from a feed only when SCP-1519 has lost a sufficient amount of power. SCP-1519 cannot be reactivated after it has been fully drained of power.

Testing reveals the parts belonging to one ████████ ██ █████.

It is possible to duplicate SCP-1519 artificially with access to the appropriate human, or nonhuman tissue and a capable specialist. Construction of an instance of SCP-1519 takes an average of 10 minutes with proper preparations. Blueprints for the object were found in the location of its discovery.

Note found in stonework jar in Florence, Italy at the place of SCP-1519’s discovery. Located within the jar a series of items were discovered including; a handwritten note, SCP-1519 (still active), an invoice, and blueprints for SCP-1519. The documents have been dated to roughly 1500. The note has been translated from Italian, with unnecessary portions edited and revised for readability.

Dear patron,

I am placed in a perilous position, but if God and my master will it, then work will continue. I fully trust he has my safety and yours in mind.

The originals from the East are of far superior quality to what I have been able to craft with a sound conscience. Even now one of the original lamplighters - the parts of a deceased 23 year old male, now a forty year old man - is still active in my foyer.

I have begun experimenting with the parts of sheep too sick to be killed for meat. Construction is fairly simple and the reformed parts from a sheep allow for a lamp’s life of thirty days. I should be able to improve on this design significantly.

The lamplighters are placed below the apparatus for discretion, at the bottom of the jug. The apparatus with the device attached gives off enough light for reading or writing. I have learned that this device delivers a mild euphoric sensation when latched onto the human body.

You will have a finished product delivered to you by my master’s house servant in no less than ten nights. Your patience is greatly appreciated.


P.S. If they are found in your residence, most would simply mistake the things for a sea creature, or if the device is drained, a Scottish delicacy. Simply bury them when they are finished and nature will do its work for you.

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