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Item #: SCP-1507

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Instances of SCP-1507 are to be housed within Site-77's Wilderness Observation Deck. In the event that Foundation staff need to interact with SCP-1507, PoI-1507 is to accompany them into the chamber. Staff must be a minimum of 5 meters away of PoI-1507 when in the presence of SCP-1507.

Any requests PoI-1507 has in relation to SCP-1507 are to be reviewed by the current research head. PoI-1507 is allowed to and encouraged to have daily interactions with SCP-1507.

Description: SCP-1507 is the collective designation given to thirty plastic lawn flamingos of unknown make or manufacturer. Instances of SCP-1507 bear no notable behavioral differences from the average American Flamingo, save for an increase in territorial behavior and lack of vocalization. Said behavior often results in attacks targeted towards Foundation staff. The only individual known to circumvent their behaviors is PoI-1507, otherwise known as Leroy Day.

Hume level testing performed on PoI-1507 suggest reality bending abilities, though all conversations with him have come back as unclear of his awareness of his abilities.

Addendum.1507.A: Following are phone logs recovered from PoI-1507's phone following the acquisition of SCP-1507. Due to a lack of compliance and resources an interview was unable to be taken from PoI-1507.

01/03/2012 12:42 PM

Mark you called?


eh im sorry

im still not used to this yet

Hahaa you're fine!

I'm still getting used to it myself

It's just weird is all

yeah i don't doubt haha

idk how id react if i just stopped hearing one day

Well just in case it happens let me tell you something

Keep around a pencil and paper or something to type

It's the only way folks will talk to ya :p

that sucks

You get used to it

i mean i guess?

still a bit lonely isn't it?

As I said before, You get used to it.

Now what were you calling about?

oh right

I'm coming over today

and im bring a sort of get well soon gift

oooo I'll be sure to keep an eye out for you

02/03/2012 03:12 PM


I think he likes this spot in my garden haha!

It overlooks the koi pond so he probably likes to watch the little guys


im glad to hear that man

i just knew you said that you'd miss those old watching trips the most

so i tried to well

bring it to you in anyway i could

Oh goddamn

You've got me crying, ah I really do appricate this man

You're the first to come visit me after the getting out of the hospital so it really does mean a lot, even without the gift.

wait what about henrick?

your old boss?

Oh well, if I'm being honest with it was a roundabout way of letting me go


That's not okay

Isn't that illegal?


He could probably fight the case if I'm honest and I'd rather not lose money on it.

well it still fucking sucks

god im sorry people are being shitty to you dude

tell you what, after im work tonight ill make you whatever you want okay?

Sounds good, and I guess if that's the case salmon isn't off the menu is it?

not one bit. :p

ill be over at 9


03/03/2012 09:01 AM

hey i saw you have some more flamingos there

im assuming that the little guy was a pretty good gift


He's great honestly

Best pet I've ever had

He doesn't need food, water, or anything like that

Hell he doesn't even bite!

But I figured he was getting a bit lonely with just me


well looks like he has plenty of friends now

He does and he's so happy running around with them!



04/03/2012 12:21 PM

Hey dude been a while since I've heard from you everything okay?

yeah just work's been piling up recently and ive been racing to beat the clock

Oh I don't envy that at all.

06/03/2012 03:12 PM

Hey I saw your sister on the news today!

She seems really proud of her work.

08/03/2012 06:38 PM


Haha we got a whole pool party back here now.

Haha they play so well together!

oh wow that's

a lot

are you doing okay dude?

Oh I'm fine, just idk getting harder to well

Talk to people you know ha

Leroy I'm

im sorry i missed your past few texts and you know what

ill take you out again tonight to that one bbq place you like

Calroy's is it?

It is, but seriously dude I'm fine.

then consider this an apology mean


anyways can't complain when I'm paying.

I guess that's true.

08/03/2012 08:23 PM

I know you're driving but for when you stop just text me..

right sorry again

i keep forgetting

It's fine, what's up dude?

well you keep your flamingos inside

Yeah they don't really like the rain



They just don't like it, it gets inside them and bothers them and all that stuff

dude i know you've been obbessed with them recently but

you realize they're not real right?

No they move and play with me

they're plastic

Yeah but they move around, and they play, ya know if you turn the car around I can show you

ngl this is a weird way of saying you want to go home.

I don't

I just want you to see the flamingos

fine dude let's eat and you can take me back

08/03/2012 09:32 PM

See I told you they play

I don’t know why they don’t like you after all you’re they’re uncle haha


i guess they're over protective of you

im sorry

this wasn't meant to happen

ur fne

Discovery: On 8/03/2012, a series of 911 calls were received in the Clay county area. The calls were noted to have a male crying and uttering various unidentifiable phrases. Due to the nature of the call it was flagged for scanning and a Foundation agent was sent out to the call. When arriving on scene the agent reported PoI-1507 attempting to unsuccessfully resuscitate another man, who was later identified as Mark Farman, that had multiple stab wounds presumably caused by SCP-1507.

PoI-1507, after being taken into Foundation custody, was amnesticized following an Ethics Committee Order.

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