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Item #: SCP-1502

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1502 is kept in a secure object containment locker isolated in a cell in the humanoid containment wing of Research Facility 5. An identical locker is to be positioned next to the containment chamber and fitted with a pressure sensor wired to notify staff when activated.

Instances of SCP-1502-1 are to be relocated to a dedicated section of Research Facility 5 termed the Daniels Wing and contained as a collection of humanoid SCP entities. These subjects are to be monitored by researchers for physical and psychological changes.

Description: SCP-1502 is a humanoid construct measuring 38cm in height. Its body has been crudely assembled from leather, wire, and bone fragments of unknown sources.1 The head and upper torso are concealed by a burlap sack fastened with metal wire around the object's waist. Unlike the rest of its body, its arms are mechanical, and have been constructed from surgical steel. The forearms contain an array of tools, including scalpels and a stitching needle, which can be released on folding appendages and locked into place. The left arm also contains a grasping tool which has been hooked to a line of thread running to a spool on its back. The right arm can produce a hypodermic needle which has been connected via plastic tubing to a steel reservoir located underneath the spool of thread.

SCP-1502 possesses a limited teleportation ability, and is capable of relocating itself instantaneously to the interior of the nearest drawer, chest, cabinet, or similar piece of furniture within a range demonstrated to span at least a 100-meter radius and a minimum observed interval between uses of twelve (12) seconds. It uses this property to enter homes and other residential areas during the night, at which point it attempts to locate the nearest human. If successful,2 it uses its syringe to inject the subject with an anesthetic substance of unknown composition that produces numbness, unconsciousness, and paralysis in greater doses. Then it stands nearby (usually on the subject's chest) and performs extensive cosmetic surgery on the subject.

The procedure includes measures such as the injection of a concentrated solution containing collagenase and elastase3 into parts of the face, the severing of certain tendons to cause facial skin to droop, and stitching hair from the subject's head over their upper lip. The inferred objective of this procedure is to alter the subject's appearance to resemble actor William Daniels in his role as "Mr. George Feeny" in the television series Boy Meets World4 as closely as possible.

The object does not display any sense of preference among age, ethnicity, gender, or any other factors beyond proximity in its selection of subjects, but is limited by species. In testing, SCP-1502 was released in a room containing several sedated animals, including a chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes), a Yorkshire terrier (Canis lupus familiaris) and a monitor lizard (Varanus bitawa), as well as a life-sized rubber human figure dressed and posed to appear similar to a sleeping adult Caucasian male. The object ignored the reptile, dog, and mannequin, but approached the chimpanzee and played vocalizations which were unintelligible due to their distortion and low volume. It then walked to the mirror and stood facing it until it was removed from the testing area.

Once the surgical procedure is complete, it attempts to escape the premises. In testing, if SCP-1502 was discovered before the procedure began or the effect of the anesthetic substance wore off before completion, the object attempted to distract the subjects using its voice before either teleporting to a hiding place or delivering additional anesthesia. See Experiment Log 1502.5

SCP-1502's exact motivations in doing this are unknown. Interviews have been inconclusive, as the object communicates through the playback of recordings of actor Rider Strong in his role as the character Shawn Hunter from the aforementioned television series. All documented vocalizations made by SCP-1502 have been attributed to existing episodes of Boy Meets World. The source and medium of these recordings is unknown, and they often display degradation in the form of static and pitch distortion.

Interview Transcript 1502-A-1

Foreword: This interview was conducted offsite, before the object's relocation to its current containment facility. The standard interview chamber in Armed Containment Area 24 was used, and the interview was conducted by Researcher Andrews with Security Officer Clarke and Assistant Researcher Chen in attendance. SCP-1502 was allowed to move freely on the table. Positioned at each of the four corners of the table was an open cabinet; before questioning began, SCP-1502 attempted twice to teleport away from handlers before becoming cooperative.

<Begin log, time 14:31:05>

Interviewer: SCP-1502, do you know why you're here?

SCP-1502: [turns to face security officer] Did you hear what he called me?

Interviewer: [repeats the question]

SCP-1502: Detention! I've been going through a lot of changes lately. I've got nothing to wear.

Interviewer: How do you produce those sounds?

SCP-1502: That's what he's done for me. And I've got a radio face.

Interviewer: "He?"

SCP-1502: Something creepy.

Interviewer: Where were you constructed?

SCP-1502: Back at the center. It was all the things you taught me that made me wonder if it was the right place for me or not. The only signal I sent him was "stop". He just started yelling like a crazy man. [with severe distortion] You're just telling me that so I can put you back together again. [static plays, then normal sound quality resumes] Did it ever occur to you that I might be a nice girl?

Interviewer: Do you know who you are?

SCP-1502: Yeah. Virgins. Virgins never die. I'll get as sick as you can get without actually dying. I just wanted to look nice.

Interviewer: Can you explain why you've performed those procedures on people in the area?

SCP-1502: Yeah. They were out there in the real world. We haven't been there much. And you didn't ask to take the test. Feeny did.

Interviewer: Why are you fixated on this Feeny character?

SCP-1502: Feeny. Are you kidding? You, uh, you never give up on me. Never once. I'm not going to forget you. You're the best person I know. I'd take a bullet for you. Not for him. Too much ugly.

Interviewer: [to Assistant Researcher] Do you think we can get it to explain anything better this session? [The assistant shakes his head "no".] We might want to wrap up for now and follow up later.

SCP-1502: [faces the assistant researcher] You're not talking, but I know you're here. Who are we?

Assistant Researcher: I've never seen that thing before.

SCP-1502: Of course not. Come on, you remember. I never asked you for anything before and I never wanted to come to you like this, but… [unintelligible] Because I've watched you for so long and I've always dreamed of telling you how I feel about you. I was cute then, huh?

[The assistant researcher begins to respond, then shakes his head silently.]

SCP-1502: Come on, you know we're your favorites. You kind of see where I'm going with this? The killer is one of us.

Interviewer:: Chen, do you understand what SCP-1502 is talking about?

Assistant Researcher: I have no idea. This doesn't make any sense.

SCP-1502: It does if you've seen as many horror movies as I have. As a matter of fact… [unintelligible] Hey, idiot. I want you to take the test. Oh, yes, yes, yes.

Interviewer: I think it's just being belligerent now. Let's follow up later. [turns to assistant researcher] You alright, Goggles?

SCP-1502: Do we upset you? That is the least of your problems. You didn't teach me enough. Feeny locked us in.

<End log, time 14:38:22>

Humans exposed to SCP-1502's ability have been relocated to a local research site to preserve secrecy, aid in rehabilitation, and conduct long-term observation. Termed "SCP-1502-1-XX", with each subject assigned a value for XX in sequence, these individuals tend to display depression, loss of identity, chronic fatigue, and little to no desire to return to society. SCP-1502-1-01 through SCP-1502-1-08 were recovered from the area in which SCP-1502 is known to have operated; SCP-1502-09 through SCP-1502-14 resulted from experimentation with SCP-1502.

Of the fourteen SCP-1502-1 patients who have been recovered and contained, nine have developed the coping mechanism of identifying as and emulating the character of George Feeny. This decision has no apparent correlation with race, gender, or other factors, including familiarity with the character—instances 1502-1-12 and 1502-1-15 have never viewed the series, and have refused the recordings available to 1502-1 instances, preferring their invented versions of the fictional person. Although this effect shares the properties of a non-anomalous coping mechanism, its exact properties are not understood.

1502-1 instances who have become Feeny-identified will request to be identified as either "George" or "Mister Feeny", depending on who is addressing them, and will tell other 1502-1 instances that they are impostors, choosing varied and inconsistent explanations such as shapeshifting entities, androids, and agents working together with both SCP-1502 and the Foundation. Five of these instances cannot relate memories of their past before containment; these have been isolated due to their emotional reactions to interaction with other SCP-1502-1s.

Addendum ██/██/03: In Interviews 1502-2 and 1502-3, SCP-1502 was able to provide classified information regarding the Foundation, including recognition of several employees of the area in which it was initially contained before relocation to long-term containment in Research Facility 5.

Addendum ██/██/03: In Interview 1502-A-2, assistant researcher Isaac Chen admitted a perceived relation between SCP-1502 and █████ ███████████, a 26-year-old female employed as an office worker at Area 24. The woman was reported missing on ██/██/02, and is believed to have been in the company of three other women at the time, who have also not been located; however, investigations into her and her companions' disappearance by both the Foundation and the local police force were closed due to their inconclusive results.

After extended questioning and analysis, it was concluded that Assistant Researcher Chen was uninvolved in the disappearance.

Addendum ██/██/04: SCP-1502 is believed to be experiencing progressive degradation of memory. In Interview 1502-5, when tests from earlier interviews were replicated, the object reacted with significantly lower frequency and accuracy and was able to provide much less information regarding the topics it previously discussed. When presented with a photograph of Assistant Researcher Chen and asked to identify the subject, SCP-1502 responded: "I don't know. Something's wrong. My head still hurts. Something's wrong."

SCP-1502's speech pattern has also changed; its voice now contains less distortion, taking on a clear, "tinny" quality. Use of samples containing the pronouns "we" or "us" has diminished in favor of the almost exclusive use of those which use their singular form. SCP-1502 now seems to identity as the character Shawn Hunter itself. The reasons for these changes are unknown.

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