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Item #: SCP-1497

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1497 is currently contained inside a secure locker within Site-██. Eye contact with SCP-1497 is to be avoided. Instances of SCP-1497-1 created outside of testing are to be given Class A amnestics.

Description: SCP-1497 is a miniature human eye suspended in the center of a 6cm tall glass jar, though it is unknown how this suspension is achieved as SCP-1497 cannot be opened. SCP-1497 lacks an optical nerve and retinal blood vessels, as the sclera completely covers the entire surface save for the cornea. The eye is capable of freely rotating on all three axes, and regularly does so in the direction of new visual stimuli. The iris of SCP-1497 changes color upon maintaining eye contact with a human for three seconds, matching the color of the viewer's eyes. This activates the cognitohazardous property of SCP-1497.

Upon activation, the human that SCP-1497 mimics (henceforth SCP-1497-1) begins experiencing a shift in visual perception. Instances of SCP-1497-1 have reported that things they previously found visually displeasing became much more visibly appealing. This has been confirmed to not be the result of hallucinations, but rather a cognitive shift within SCP-1497-1. The most common effects are an increase in perceived attractiveness of other humans, resulting in an increase in sexual attraction, and increased appreciation of all visually artistic exploits.

The effect of SCP-1497 also extends to concepts and situations, as SCP-1497-1 is unable to visually recognize a threat. When presented with blades and firearms, SCP-1497-1 will only be able to appreciate the aesthetic design of the weapon even when presented in a threatening manner. Testing concluded SCP-1497-1 will not react to threats of violence to itself or others, and are equally unaffected by witnessing violence against others. However, SCP-1497-1 are able to recognize when they are being harmed, although they are unable to visually recognize the cause of the damage. This sends injured SCP-1497-1 into a panic state that often causes them to be unable to respond to the act of violence, though they are capable of fleeing and seeking medical attention. Due to similar anomalous properties between SCP-1497 and SCP-1528, investigation into possible connections is currently under consideration.

SCP-1497 was located in an art gallery in Portland, Oregon on 03/02/2013 by an agent implanted in the local police force after receiving reports of someone calling for help within the locked building. SCP-1497 was located on a pedestal with a note and photo (See Addendum 1497-A) under it, the plaque on the pedestal reading "Better Off Blind Than Beguiled by Beauty." Trapped within the art gallery were ten blind humans, all of whom claimed they had been kidnapped within the past week. Class C amnestics were distributed among them after questioning and they were returned to their places of residence.

Addendum 1497-A: The following note and photograph were found pinned under SCP-1497.

This world is ugly
Look at it with some fresh eyes
And see perfection

Addendum 1497-B:
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