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SCP-149-DE-A in its first encounter with Mobile Task Force DE4-𝔎.

Item #: SCP-149-DE

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-149-DE may not be opened or entered without the authorization of at least two O4 members. Should entry be necessary, a small storage marquee is to be erected on the ground above SCP-149-DE where the opening will be made under the guise of pedologic studies. This measure serves the avoidance of eyewitnesses. Complete public exclusion is impossible due to SCP-149-DE’s location.

Personnel are to enter SCP-149-DE unarmed and without ballistic protection equipment. Radio contact is required to be maintained at all times. When subjects are within SCP-149-DE, at least 10 fully armed guards are to be positioned at the exit. Should radio contact be lost or when it becomes otherwise evident that the personnel in SCP-149-DE were compromised by SCP-149-DE-A, all guards must keep their weapons ready to terminate all individuals emerging from the structure. All personnel that entered SCP-149-DE are to be subjected to a thorough psychological evaluation. Should corruption by SCP-149-DE be detected, the affected individuals are to be classified as class E personnel and to be quarantined until further notice. The opening in SCP-149-DE is to be fully closed and concealed following the completion of all tasks.

Currently, SCP-149-DE-A is safely contained inside SCP-149-DE and does not require further containment efforts. If an expedition into SCP-149-DE becomes necessary, SCP-149-DE-A is not to be touched under any circumstance. Means of evading SCP-149-DE-A’s attention remain unknown. Once SCP-149-DE has been entered, it is advised to move as fast as possible. Should SCP-149-DE-A be sighted, the expedition force must return to the missions starting point, regardless of SCP-149-DE-A being in pursuit. Remote surveillance via drones, cameras, and microphones is not advised.

A disinformation campaigns has to maintain the belief that SCP-149-DE was filled completely and can no longer be entered. Surveillance of SCP-149-DE is carried out via locally rented apartments. Should unauthorized parties try to gain access to SCP-149-DE, they are to be detained and interrogated. In case of an attack, the surrounding Foundation sites are to be informed and available troops are to be deployed.

Public or private efforts to build upon SCP-149-DE are to be destroyed or prevented by all means.

Description: SCP-149-DE designates the remains of the Führerbunker in Berlin. Against openly available facts SCP-149-DE is still accessible and in better shape, even though all its entrances have been sealed.

SCP-149-DE possesses three anomalous properties. The concrete SCP-149-DE was built from is notably harder and more solid than any other known kind of concrete. This concrete has shown no signs of aging or erosion since Foundation acquisition, presumably because of its second property to repair any damage done to it within seconds. The third property of SCP-149-DE is its apparent ability to prevent SCP-149-DE-A from leaving the structure.

SCP-149-DE-A is a class II1incorporeal humanoid entity which is seemingly trapped within SCP-149-DE. It possesses a horned head similar to a cow skull, a short tail, and a transparent black muscular body. It continuously drips a tar-like substance. This substance vanishes upon contact with matter, which has rendered collection unfeasible. The size of SCP-149-DE-A has never been accurately determined but is estimated to be 190 cm. Due to the topography of SCP-149-DE and the aggressive demeanor of SCP-149-DE-A, very little data is available.

During previous expeditions into SCP-149-DE, SCP-149-DE-A was observed to either walk through the corridors of the bunker or sit on a chair, although this behavior was only noted during the first expedition. On all other missions, SCP-149-DE was encountered seemingly searching for the expedition troops, supporting the theory that SCP-149-DE-A is able to detect humans within SCP-149-DE. Attempts to surveil SCP-149-DE-A with drones and cameras failed because it immediately seeks out such devices when no humans are present in SCP-149-DE. How the entity affects electronics is unknown but cameras affected by it only show heavily distorted footage with occasional insertions of national socialist symbols. After becoming affected by SCP-149-DE, microphones only record continuous screaming, stemming from several persons. Software used for voice analysis found a match for individual voices with those of Joseph Goebbels, Hans Krebs and Adolf Hitler. What relation those persons have to SCP-149-DE-A is unknown at this time.

SCP-149-DE behaves in a hostile manner towards living humans and attacks every subject that enters its field of vision. SCP-149-DE-A passes through all materials without resistance except walls, ceilings, floors and doors of SCP-149-DE and is therefore unable to cause physical damage. Should it touch a subject, it will stiffen while its personality is radically restructured. Those afflicted gain a worldview strongly impacted by racism, antisemitism, anti-communism, and social Darwinism as well as a great hatred against the victorious powers of the Second World War and become extremely willing to resort to violence. Subjects are from this point on driven to create and propagate a national socialist fundamental order on a global scale. To this end, they use every available means. Since intelligence and memories of the afflicted remain unchanged, sometimes a thorough psychological evaluation is required because subjects often pretend to have not been affected by SCP-149-DE-A’s properties.

Discovery: The Foundation became aware of SCP-149-DE upon discovering documents from the SKP in a hidden safe during a sweep of an abandoned facility of Section XXV.

Initially, an expedition into SCP-149-DE was put on hold because it was unknown in what form Section XXV had used the building and an unnecessary loss of personnel should be prevented until further information was available. On ██.██.2013 Research Team 25 managed the restoration of the documents, followed by the planning and execution of the first expedition, followed by a psychological evaluation.

Incident 149-DE-1: See Incident Protocol 149-DE

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