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Item #: SCP-1486

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1486 is to be kept in Containment Locker 392b at Site-46. Following incident 1486-8, a 55-meter spherical radius is to be demarcated around SCP-1486 as an area in which absolutely no copulation is to occur.

Description: SCP-1486 is a children's doll, 48 centimeters in height. SCP-1486 is animate; however, due to its nature it is mostly immobile. SCP-1486 is highly damaged, and is missing its right arm. SCP-1486 will frequently exude human blood, feces, pus, and cervical mucus from small pores covering its torso and head. SCP-1486 is seemingly sapient.

If a fertile, human couple of opposite sexes completes copulation within ~50 meters of SCP-1486 (regardless of contraceptive use), SCP-1486 will disappear from where it has been placed and appear in the female subject's uterus at less than 0.01% of its original size1. SCP-1486 will then begin slowly increasing in size at the rate of a normal embryo and foetus2. Ultrasound testing of the subject has shown that SCP-1486 retains its shape throughout the growth process. Subjects may sustain damage to the uterine wall, causing infertility. Excretions from SCP-1486 will exit through the cervix.

After a period of ~9 months, SCP-1486 will induce labor in the subject. SCP-1486 may be birthed normally. However, due to the presence of several harsh edges on its exterior, Caesarian sections have proven to be a much safer form of delivery.

Once it has been birthed, SCP-1486 will search for the subject mother and in some instances, SCP-1486 will attempt to breastfeed unless restrained. SCP-1486 can communicate verbally through unknown means, and will address the subject and others.

Attempted abortion results in SCP-1486 rapidly expanding, causing the subject's abdomen to rupture. SCP-1486 will be immediately hostile.

SCP-1486 was discovered by Foundation operatives following a complaint submitted by [REDACTED] after an ultrasound imaging session.

Addendum 1486-1:

Interviewed: SCP-1486

Interviewer: Dr. Fulnan

Foreword: SCP-1486 had recently been birthed and was sitting with D-7397, its "mother", at the time of interview. D-7397 had been sedated and was unconscious.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Fulnan: Hello SCP-1486.

SCP-1486: Hey doc, long time no see.

Dr. Fulnan: Indeed.

SCP-1486: 9 months, if I had to guess (Laughs). How's it hanging?

Dr. Fulnan: It's fine. Mind if I ask a few questions?

SCP-1486: Shoot.

Dr. Fulnan: Alright. Who or what made you?

SCP-1486: Well doc, when a mommy and a daddy really love each other, or are really fucking drunk…

Dr. Fulnan: Please answer the question.

SCP-1486: How do you think? My momma got laid and I happened to be the fastest sperm.

Dr. Fulnan: Alright. How did you become damaged?

SCP-1486: Being born isn't fucking easy, you can get pretty torn up. I think I would know that better than anyone.

Dr. Fulnan: Okay. So this woman is your mother?

SCP-1486: Yeah, this woman here's my momma. Might not be the best looker, but she's got the best tits I've ever seen.

Dr. Fulnan: So you've seen tits before this?

SCP-1486: It's an expression, dumbass.

Dr. Fulnan: But what about all the times you've been, er, born before this?

SCP-1486: What?

Dr. Fulnan: You don't remember being born before this birth?

SCP-1486: Well, yeah, of course I do.

Dr. Fulnan: Were the women those times not your mother?

SCP-1486: I thought they were, but they would scream and throw me away. How could they be my momma if they would do that?

Dr. Fulnan: They gave birth to you.

SCP-1486: Well, yeah, but I mean they hate me. How could a mother hate her own kid, doc? Enough to hurt them so much?

Dr. Fulnan: Lots of mothers…

SCP-1486: It doesn't make any sense! How could they just throw me away? How could they just hammer it in like that?

Dr. Fulnan: Well, I mean…

SCP-1486: I just don't get it.

Dr. Fulnan: 1486?

SCP-1486: Can we stop please?

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Examination of SCP-1486 following the interview showed a severely increased excretion of cervical mucus from the area surrounding its eyes. SCP-1486 was separated from D-7397 and placed into storage.

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