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Item #: SCP-1472

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: A 3m tall chain-link privacy fence is to be constructed around the property boundary of SCP-1472. Construction signage is to be placed on all sides of the perimeter fence as to deter public suspicion. Mobile Task Force Iota-6 (aka "Hard Knocks") are tasked with protecting the site from trespassers and are to be stationed within a 4 block quadrant around SCP-1472 at all times dressed in applicable urban attire.

Any civilians that breach the fence are to be apprehended and be administered Class-A amnestics before being released. Any testing involving D-class resources must have Level-3 approval. All D-class personnel involved with testing are to be interrogated via polygraph afterwards.

Description: SCP-1472 is a brightly-painted single-story brick building located in East St. Louis, Illinois, USA on the corner of ████ Street and ██████ Avenue. The exterior condition of the building is poor but remains stable. City records indicate that the building was erected in 1978 by the now defunct ███████ Corporation. SCP-1472 has been condemned since 2001 when SCP-1472's anomalous activity began. SCP-1472 has only one accessible entrance on the West side of the building. When entered during its inactive state, SCP-1472 appears completely empty.

SCP-1472 only becomes active every Saturday at 02:00AM. During this active state an overweight human male, SCP-1472-1, will exit from SCP-1472 and display signage out in front of the entrance. One display is set directly on the asphalt in front of the entrance which lists a schedule of events. Another larger display is placed directly on the side of the building and lit with decorative neon lighting.

During the active period, the SCP-1472-1 will insist that all persons seeking admittance pay a cover charge of $██ and not engage in photography or video recording once inside. Shows will differ nightly; however, the performances always ranges from 2:00AM to 3:30AM. During the duration of the performances, the entrance/exit will remain locked until the last show ends. Injuries and fatalities have occurred depending on the content of the show. Participants have been observed to sustain psychological trauma.

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