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Item #: SCP-1465

Object Class: Anomalous Human

Containment Class: Active

Hazard Rating: Green

Standard Containment Policies:

  • One-person residential module (no amenity restrictions)
  • Access to site library, recreational facilities, cafeteria, and public areas
  • Bi-weekly psychological review (Dr. Fiolini)
  • Monthly eye exams (Dr. Ottmier), with changes in eyeglass prescription and other treatments as needed.
  • Schedule E experimentation plan
DOB: 07/21/1990
POB: Boston, MA, USA
DOC: ██/██/2013
Height: 171 cm
Weight: 67.5 kg
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Other Notes: Heavy damage to the cornea and conjunctiva due to repeated photokeratitis. Issued prescription sunglasses. Tattoo located on the inside of the left forearm: “Γενηθήτω φως” (Let there be light).

Special Containment Procedures:

Updated ██/██/2015

Experimentation and Testing Supervisory Committee Special Order 1465-AF-3 permits SCP-1465 access to personal research notes and further experimental materials for self-directed experimentation. All tests are to be are logged and all further research notes are shared with supervisory staff. Committee vote 7-2 in favor, citing subject’s cooperation, experience, and lack of available test chambers and supervisory staff due to the influx of new anomalous objects from Operation [REDACTED]. Dissenting opinion filed.

Description: SCP-1465 is an adult female human capable of inducing physical photographs or film to generate light. Generated light will cycle through the visible spectrum, starting with red and progressing to purple before repeating. Cycle time varies with no apparent pattern, with the longest recorded time being 24 seconds per cycle, and the shortest being one eighth of a second. Generated light is not of uniform brightness, displaying complex geometric patterns when projected upon a flat surface. Patterns are dependent on the primary display color, and will change accordingly.

This property can only be used with physical photographs and film cells – digital photos and screen displays will be unaffected, as will heavily-doctored or damaged images and cells from animated films. Effected photos and film will turn black and display no image after SCP-1465’s dissipates its effect.

SCP-1465 has claimed that the patterns generated by this effect contained encoded information about the subject of the photograph or film, which may then be connected to other photograph subjects. Review of SCP-1465’s research notes have validated this claim, but further exploration of the subject’s properties is unlikely to continue due to the lack of meaningful discoveries and the time investment required to train Foundation staff in reading displayed patterns.

Extensive study of photographs under the light-generation effect has been confirmed as the source of the subject’s eye damage.

Recovery Log: SCP-1465 was recovered on ██/██/2013, after the subject was witnessed demonstrating anomalous properties while visiting the Ansel Adams exhibit at the [REDACTED] Museum of Art. The subject was, at the time of recovery, suffering from caffeine overdose and severe sleep deprivation. Class-C amnestics and a cover story of petty vandalism were distributed with no complications.

A total of 3123 pages of handwritten and typed notes, 126 photo albums with annotations, and 45 cameras were acquired from SCP-1465’s apartment during recovery. Recovered materials detail SCP-1465’s personal experimentation and theories. (See Document 1465-EX for further details.) The bulk of materials were experiment results, where patterns were converted into a cipher and constructed shorthand language created by SCP-1465 for purposes of recording large amounts of data from displayed patterns.

Addendum-01: The following excerpt is from an interview carried out on ██/██/2013, three days after recovery.

Dr. █████: When did you first discover your properties?

SCP-1465: Ah…hrm. you know, I don’t really know. Must have been ten, eleven…it wasn’t a whole ‘hey girl you have superpowers now’ thing, didn’t get bit by a radioactive Kodak or anything. Took me a while to even realize it was happening. Then it’s a little here, a little there, figuring out what I can do, and before you know it I’m locking myself in a darkroom for forty hours at a time.

Dr. █████: Mmm. Your notes were very thorough on the subject.

SCP-1465: No use just sitting around on my hands and daydreaming about it. Gotta get something done, girl. ‘S what my mom always said.

Dr. █████: Of course. That’s very sound advice.

SCP-1465: Any chance I can get those back?

Dr. █████: Not now, I’m afraid. I’ll see what we can do in the future.

SCP-1465: Ah. One of those deals. Any chance for wiggle room? Just leaving things be?

Dr. █████: I’m sorry, but no. [Clears throat]. Moving on, while your notes have been a great help in studying your case, deciphering them has been something of a difficulty.

SCP-1465: I didn’t really intend for anyone else to read my personal research, so that’s your fault. You could have waited for the completed thesis like everyone else.

Dr. █████: We have the resources to further your research, but without your cooperation the project will go nowhere.

SCP-1465: Fine. But only if you ask nicely.

Dr. █████: Very well. Could you please explain the principle of patterns further?

SCP-1465: Yeah. Sure. Okay…so…most of the information that we process comes through our ability to sense light, right? A camera captures light at one particular moment in time, so you get a stable fragment, a sort of cross section, of all the light-data at that particular point.

When you hold a prism up to the light, you get the colors of the visual spectrum all arranged in a pattern depending on how the prism is cut and the angle of the light, excedra ecedra. For me, with photographs, it’s like all the colors are in layers on top of each other, and each one has a different pattern to it depending on what’s in the photograph. So I draw that out of the photo, stare at it a bit, and figure out the patterns. After I got a lot of them written down, I started seeing patterns connect and match between unrelated pictures.

If you give me two photographs Like, if you give me separate single photos of an old married couple, they’ll have some similarities in the red stratum. Or, if you want a really weird one, you know that picture of the Hindenberg? Has almost the exact same blue pattern as photos of my cat. Still haven’t figured that one out. Whatever. But the thing is, everything is linked. Everything. Patterns inside patterns inside patterns inside patterns. Like some gigantic puzzle, big enough I don’t have a clue what it even means anymore and I’m nowhere close to solving it.


It’s all very quantum. It's quantum-encrypted lumelinguistics and it doesn’t make a shit-lick of sense.


Translated segment of SCP-1465's research notes, dated between June 2 and June 4, 2013.

Found photo of myself, unused. Dated December 14th, 2006. Patterns very clear for age. Several sub-strata discernible on yellow and green layers. Very complex pattern.

Cross-referenced part of green pattern with records. Only match is photograph of the Grand Canyon. No other matches between the two. No tense to be found in pattern: I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon, so I must presume that some event of importance will occur at the Grand Canyon at some point in the future, despite lack of future tense markers. Interesting.

I cross-referenced the photo of myself with an aerial photo of the state of Arizona. Pattern still repeats, so I know that the connection is not specifically tied to the Grand Canyon. Will have to tighten the search, to see where there is a greater connection.

Grid search of the state is completed. Strongest connection is with Phoenix. Further investigation necessary.

On whim: Searched news archives for any sort of notable event in the Phoenix area on the date of December 14th, 2006. Only event of note is the murder of one Anthony Baker by his sixteen year-old girlfriend.

Checked a photo of the accused girl. No pattern links in the green. Photo of victim reveals same green pattern fragment as state and myself.

If this is correct, I am somehow connected with the murder of someone I have never met, in a state I have never visited. Will have to think about this.

Found satisfying conclusion for the time being. Been thinking forwards and backwards, but not sideways. Current theory: certain green patterns, at least part of the repetitions in these photos, indicate a transuniversal tense. Linking between events that have and have not occurred simultaneously. Actions that I have-will-not-have done.

I am involved and uninvolved at the same time. I can then presume that an alternate chain of events in which I am guilty, or at least accused to be guilty, of murdering Anthony Baker exists. Question: why only this? Should be seeing more links of this nature.

No other transuniversal tense tags have been found in any other photographs. Theory: Their presence is active work by otherside self to contact thisside self through modification of pattern. Purpose/level of intentionality unknown at the time, as is method of counter-communication. If true, can presume that otherside self in possession of expanded or alternate properties, capable of encoding patterns. Would imply that otherside self is capable of manipulating photographic material without falsifying subject of photo. Furthermore, indicates that certain patterns exist in multiple universal iterations.

Further research necessary. Should buy tickets to Phoenix.

Follow-up segment of notes, dated June 9th, 2013.

Have not slept in 67 hours. Over ten thousand photographs of Phoenix area and articles related to Anthony Baker’s murder and murderer analyzed in bulk batches. Experiencing temporary blindness due to volume.

Links found with otherside self throughout Phoenix area. No question remains that message was left by otherside self, though signature still unconfirmed as voluntary act.

Strong links between the following photographs: emergency exit sign, businessmen in suits, parrot in cage.

Potential meaning: otherside self requesting assistance and escape. Still no theories on methods on return communication. Questioning whether such action would be wise / possible. Information unfettered by time and space, bodies very much so. Future option? Questions remain. Motive for escape unknown, life-path variables unknown. Must bear in mind that otherside Iris Laskaris is separate individual from thisside Iris Laskaris.

Will investigate further later.

Will leave Phoenix after recovery.

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