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An instance of SCP-1459-1.

Item #: SCP-1459

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1459 is to be kept within a standard containment vault in Safe Wing-C of Sector-25. As of 05/16/██, only Level-1 Maintenance Technician Valera may view and interact with SCP-1459. MT Valera is to be presented with the opportunity to receive a mild amnestic to ameliorate emotional escalation between testing sessions. In the event that MT Valera becomes unavailable to perform further tests, a new individual is to be selected by the presiding on-site counselor.

By executive order, testing is to continue indefinitely.

Description: SCP-1459 is a modified claw crane arcade game machine that stands 2.3m x 1.2m x 1.5m. Like most machines of this variety, it has a central rectangular space with three clear walls on its front and sides, with a white plastic floor and back. However, SCP-1459 is unique in that the inner chamber has no chute where a prize would normally be dispensed.

The front panel features two coin slots, a large red button, a microphone, a digital numeric display, a sign that reads "WIN A COOKIE", and a thin horizontal slot from which the aforementioned baked goods are dispensed. There is no power cord attached to the back of the machine, nor is one needed, as it is presumably powered via anomalous means. When SCP-1459 is inactive, the central chamber is completely bare. SCP-1459 cannot be forcefully opened or damaged by any known means.

When one (1) US quarter-dollar coin is deposited into SCP-1459, a hatch will open in the ceiling of the central chamber and a claw carrying an instance of SCP-1459-1 will descend from it. SCP-1459-1 and other materials produced by SCP-1459 are often too large to normally fit in the upper section of the machine; it is unknown if these materials are manifested by SCP-1459 at the beginning of game sessions or if they are teleported from another location.

After depositing the instance of SCP-1459-1, the digital numeric display will present the number of games that have been played previously,1 and a voice recording will play, urging the player to press the button and describe a way SCP-1459-1 can be destroyed. After this message has been played, the button on the front panel will glow and the numeric display will initiate a 15-second countdown. The player may then press the button and dictate into the microphone any lethal action that can be performed upon SCP-1459-1, with the only restriction being that players cannot choose a method used in a previous game.

SCP-1459-1 are juvenile domestic dogs (Canis lupus familiaris), the breed and gender of which varies. SCP-1459 typically selects a breed that individual players holds the most affection toward. Aside from the seemingly infinite quantity that SCP-1459 contains, instances of SCP-1459-1 do not appear to display any innate anomalous properties and generally behave in a manner consistent with animals of their variety; however, SCP-1459-1 instances may occasionally be subjected to anomalous changes to their physiology or behaviors in order to facilitate the method of destruction dictated by the player.

If the player states a method of extermination within the allotted 15 seconds, the hatch in the ceiling of the inner chamber will open and an array of mechanical arms will descend, carrying whatever is necessary to carry out the player's suggestion. Requests for deaths that are not possible within the confines of the chamber will cause SCP-1459 to display additional anomalous properties to carry out its orders (see Experiment Log).

Once the instance of SCP-1459-1 is deceased, one (1) cookie will be dispensed to the player via the slot in the front of the machine. Cookie flavors dispensed have included chocolate, vanilla, oatmeal, raisin, strawberry, lemon, white chocolate, and peanut butter. The exact variety dispensed to a given player is often the one that the player has the lowest preference for.

If the player fails to state a method of extermination or the method proves insufficient, a robotic arm will descend from SCP-1459's hatch and bludgeon the SCP-1459-1 instance until it is deceased. No cookie will be dispensed following this event.

SCP-1459 automatically cleans its interior chamber after every game. First, an arm holding a broom descends and sweeps the remains of SCP-1459-1 into a trapdoor. Next, SCP-1459 wipes down the surfaces of the chamber by deploying arms equipped with flat rubber implements, spray bottles containing a soapy solution, and clean white towels. While this process is taking place, a recorded message will tell the player, "Yeah, you're totally going to hell for this. Play again?".

Addendum: The following is a manufacturer's mark present on the rear panel of SCP-1459:

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