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SCP-1457, at rest.

Item #: SCP-1457

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1457 is to be contained in a 5m x 5m x 5m containment area furnished with host plants appropriate to its apparent species. SCP-1457 is to be “fed” every 24 hours by designated personnel (See Addendum 1457-2). Humidity, temperature, and light are to be maintained in the containment area to prevent causing stress to SCP-1457.

Description: SCP-1457 appears to be a Nymphalis antiopa butterfly possessing a missing forewing and solid white eyes. Despite the tattered condition of its wings, SCP-1457 is still capable of flight. Possibly due to its unique feeding habits, SCP-1457 does not show signs of aging.

SCP-1457 is capable of transferring memories between humans through skin contact. Test results thus far invariably indicate that the memories transferred pertain to experiences involving isolation and tend to incite a desire for sympathy or company in the affected party.

When SCP-1457 undergoes stress, the dark blue markings along its wings begin to luminesce. While in this state, SCP-1457 will “broadcast” memories gathered from all humans it has been in contact with. The maximum range SCP-1457 is able to transmit memories through this method is unknown.

SCP-1457 was initially recovered from a relatively suburban area, where a child had discovered it and attempted to care for it. The child was later treated for symptoms of anxiety and depression; SCP-1457 came to the attention of the Foundation when the child’s parents and █ neighbors of the family also began to seek therapy.

Addendum 1457-1: Preliminary interviews with D-Class personnel exposed to SCP-1457 have revealed that memories transferred by SCP-1457 are initially accepted by the receiver as their own. (See interview log)

The incidences of subjects appearing to be “possessed” by SCP-1457 are undergoing investigation. It is currently unknown if SCP-1457 consciously attempts or is able to communicate.

Addendum 1457-2: Based on the journal logs of Dr. █████, the first designated “food source” of SCP-1457, it is theorized that SCP-1457 does not sustain itself through human contact, but rather feeds off of certain human emotions.

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