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Item #: SCP-1454

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Each member of SCP-1454 is to be housed separately in a standard cell of the type used to contain Safe-class humanoid SCP entities. Standard rules and regulations pertaining to contained humanoids are to be applied. During good behavior, SCP-1454 may be allowed to perform menial tasks not related to SCP containment in exchange for access to approved entertainment and reading material.

SCP-1454 individuals are not to be brought into contact with each other, directly or indirectly, except for testing purposes. All members of SCP-1454 are to be kept on standby observation at any time another member is undergoing testing, surgery, or is at a significant risk of life-threatening danger. Use of amnestics on any SCP-1454 specimen is to be avoided except as a last resort.

Description: SCP-1454 consists of four human males, designated SCP-1454-1 through SCP-1454-4, each 36 years old at the time they entered Foundation custody in 20██. All four are in good health and display no unusual physical impairments for human beings of their age. DNA testing has indicated that the individuals comprising SCP-1454 are genetically identical to a degree similar to identical twins.

The members of SCP-1454 possess a shared memory - each SCP-1454 specimen has full access to the memories of every other member, and is constantly aware of what the other three individuals are doing and experiencing at any given moment. The means of data transmission between the individuals is unknown. Attempts to block shared memory by imposing physical distance, solid barriers, electrical fields, hallucinogenic drugs, or [REDACTED] have all proven unsuccessful. Use of amnestics upon one member of SCP-1454 similarly affects the other three with regards to the memories deleted. All four members of SCP-1454 act independently of each other. In spite of the shared memories possessed by the four, no evidence of a "hive mind" or "group consciousness" has been observed. Individuals have demonstrated no ability to consciously induce another to act.

All four members of SCP-1454 have been diagnosed with a unique psychological illness related to their shared mental state. Each individual member of SCP-1454 is unaware that there are three other humans identical to him and possessing the same shared memory, and is of the belief that he himself has personally experienced all the memories that his mind has access to. All SCP-1454 individuals are of the belief that this state is typical of human beings, and in interviews have neither found it unusual nor made any attempt to explain or rationalize having several simultaneous and contradictory sets of memories. When two or more SCP-1454 individuals are brought into each other's presence, each will fail to recognize the other as a duplicate of himself, and will become extremely confused and agitated as a result, often leading to physical violence.

SCP-1454 was discovered by the Foundation in 20██, when all four individuals comprising it simultaneously threatened to commit suicide by jumping from the windows of four separate tall buildings in downtown ███████, ██. Examination of government records found that the individuals, who all identified themselves by the name "Eric ███████", had all lived and worked in the ███████ area. All four possessed identical drivers' licenses and Social Security cards, and had filed tax returns each year claiming income from five sources. One birth certificate, five houses, seven automobiles, six college degrees, and seven marriage licenses were found to be associated with the name. A death certificate was also found to be associated with the name, belonging to an individual who had been killed in a drunk driving accident two days prior.


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