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A juvenile instance of SCP-1452 integrating itself into a residential home.

Item #: SCP-1452

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A single immature instance of SCP-1452 is to be contained in a 8x7x8 meter containment chamber located in Site 77's Euclid containment wing. The walls of this chamber are to be constructed out of natural rock, with the floor being coated in a 15 mm layer of glass. If SCP-1452 integrates itself into its containment chamber, it is to be de-attached from the chamber it has integrated itself into and then relocated. Any immature instance of SCP-1452 found outside of containment is to be burned, and any building it has connected to demolished. Mature instances of SCP-1452 are to be totally incinerated.

Uncontained instances of SCP-1452 are to be captured by MTF-ψ-7 "Home Improvement." Reports of SCP-1452 activity may also be related to SCP-1992.

Description: SCP-1452 is a set of residential building additions of varying appearance, with an average size of 5x5x5 meters. Instances of SCP-1452 are ambulatory, and able to move by slowly pushing themselves along the ground at a rate of 10 meters an hour.

If an instance of SCP-1452 comes into contact with a vacant residential building, the SCP-1452 instance(s) will integrate themselves into these buildings as though they were additions to the home. When this process is completed, the SCP-1452 instance(s) will become dormant until the house becomes occupied. Attempting to enter the SCP-1452 instance prior to integration will show that it is constructed out of solid concrete or wood.

The process by which SCP-1452 integrates itself into a building takes between 15 and 45 hours. It will first line itself up with either the left or right side of a building, with a significant number of SCP-1452 instances preferring the right side. SCP-1452 will then emanate sounds of hammering, sawing, and drilling for several hours. After SCP-1452 ceases to make sound, a 2x1 meter section of the wall SCP-1452 is contacting will dissolve, and a door will move into its place. At this point SCP-1452 will contain a fully furnished interior.

Any occupied building with an instance of SCP-1452 will slowly lose its structural integrity. In addition, any electronic item within the building will become unusable within 2 weeks of being within the building, unless it is stored in SCP-1452. The instance of SCP-1452 will become larger as the house becomes weaker, adding additional rooms and furnishings as time goes on. Approximately 3 months after this process begins, the house will collapse and SCP-1452 will take its place. At this point, the SCP-1452 instance is considered to be "mature" and the second stage of its effect will initiate.

Mature instances of SCP-1452 will continuously produce immature SCP-1452's. These will integrate themselves onto any home near SCP-1452. The interior of the mature SCP-1452 will slowly fill itself in until it is a solid block of whatever its original building material was, such as wood or concrete. It will continue to produce instances of SCP-1452 until it is destroyed.

SCP-1452 was originally discovered in the town of Danville, Pennsylvania after residents in a poor section of town began reporting that their homes had grown additions to themselves overnight. Investigating Foundation Agents discovered several mature instances of SCP-1452, and an immature instance in the process of integrating itself into a residential home. Due to the large number of SCP-1452 infested homes, the neighborhood was razed under the pretense of toxic waste in the area. SCP-1452 was classified as Euclid on 09/18/1997.

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