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Item #: SCP-1441

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1441 and SCP-1441-01 are stored separately in combination-locked lead-lined cases, and are to be kept in a Secure Containment facility when not in use. As of Addendum-02, access is restricted to personnel involved in the -EX testing program.

SCP-1441 is currently stored in Storage Locker #523 at Sector-17, along with one spare specimen of SCP-1441-01 and two spare rolls of perforated paper towels of any brand. Staff are reminded to replace rolls after full use for the convenience of others.

Description: SCP-1441 is an automatic paper towel dispenser. It is physically similar to dispensers of the brand "Towel-Matic", with two exceptions: i) it instead has the brand name CONVENITOWEL; ii) where other Towel-Matics have a compartment suited for 4 D-size batteries, SCP-1441 instead contains a non-standard power cell, designated SCP-1441-01.

SCP-1441-01 is a 50x50x50mm (125cm3) rounded cube, with a mass of 500 grams. It largely consists of an alloy of iron and palladium. One face bears metal contacts, and has been designated as the bottom side. A small lid on the top opens up to reveal a chamber full of water.

The sides show branding, referring to the object as "PHAETON POWER CELL", and to the makers as Ingenitech. Investigation revealed Ingenitech to be a software development company based in Cincinnati, OH; staff there showed no recognition of SCP-1441-01, and no files relating to Phaeton or power cells were discovered, suggesting that the name is a coincidence. Similarly, CONVENITOWEL has never been registered as a trademark.

Preliminary analysis of SCP-1441-01 suggests that the power cell operates on anomalous technology; further details will be listed below when results emerge.

Addendum-01: Further analysis of SCP-1441-01 show that its power generation operates by small-scale cold fusion, requiring only the addition of water. While advanced, none of the processes involved are inherently anomalous. Suggesting attempt at replication of technology.

Addendum-02: A replica of SCP-1441-01 was constructed and tested in SCP-1441; SCP-1441 operated as normal. SCP-1441 has been nominated to the -EX testing program for confirmation of the process and eventual dissemination of the technology.

Addendum-03: As the team has now suffered 17 successive failures to replicate the battery interface outside of SCP-1441, -EX testing has been suspended, and further analysis and experimentation has been opened to discover any possible anomalous reason behind these events.

Addendum-04: A non-anomalous Towel-Matic paper towel dispenser has successfully been fitted with a replica of the battery interface in SCP-1441, and operated normally with both the original SCP-1441-01 and a replica.

Addendum-05: Replicas of SCP-1441-01 have been tested as power sources for various appliances and devices, with the results shown below:

Experiment no. Item tested Result
#1 Towel-Matic paper towel dispenser Success
#2 Blu-ray player Failure
#3 Printer Failure
#4 Washing machine Failure
#5 Macbook Air Failure
#6 Zune MP3 player Failure
#7 A single 60-watt light bulb Failure
#8 A motor Failure
#9 A motor rigged to revolve paper towels Success
#10 A motor rigged to revolve paper towels and power a 60-watt light bulb Failure
#11 A printer rigged solely to dispense paper towels Success
#12 Hand-dryer Failure
#13 Towel-matic paper towel dispenser rigged to also play MP3s Failure

At this point it is very difficult to avoid the following conclusion: that SCP-1441-01 will only operate in devices with the sole or primary function of dispensing paper towels. As such, I recommend SCP-1441 be withdrawn from the -EX program, and that its secure containment procedures be revised in accordance with the new information on its threat. I am ceasing experimentation on SCP-1441. - Dr. Jung

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