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Item #: SCP-1431

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1431 is to be kept in a securely locked filing cabinet on the fourth floor of Site-██. Site security is to remain on standby in proximity to tests conducted on SCP-1431.

Description: SCP-1431 is a 26.6 cm x 20.3 cm sheet of paper presumably torn from a note-book. Printed in warped block letters at the top of the page are the words, "SALVADOR’S STRANGE SCAVENGER HUNT!" Following the title is a set list of instructions on how to play. The rules of SCP-1431 do not deviate from those of a standard scavenger hunt. They refer to two teams with no maximum amount of players. The teams must gather designated items indicated on a list. Points are granted upon the return of an item based upon the difficulty in retrieving said item. Above the rules is a self proclaimed motivational note declaring, "Failure to attempt to gather items is poor sportsmanship and will result in feelings of despair, followed by death. Better get cracking!"

SCP-1431 has been tested ██ times and did not produce the described effects to those who did not participate in the game. The note is believed to be intentionally deceptive in order to motivate subjects to further interact with SCP-1431.

The title and rules of the game are the only evident pieces of text until SCP-1431 enters an active state. Activation occurs if a minimum of two humans simultaneously observe SCP-1431.

When activated, new text manifests on SCP-1431. To date, the only consistent text manifested is the ordered numbers one through ten leading down the page. The items indicated on the list are random. However, a certain uniform theme in the designated items is distinctly present between each test. Field tests indicate that there is always one designated easily accessible item to the subject at the bottom of each list.

SCP-1431 was recovered from a house in ████████, Canada in an active state after reports of ‘puzzling' robberies had been circulating the town's local news.

Observable scavenger hunt list upon recovery of SCP-1431

1. "A Baseball Bat That Has Hit More Than A Home Run" – 10 Points

2. "A Raw Carrot Which Has Led To Asphyxiation" – 5 Points

3. "A Lock of Hair Still Rooted At The Scalp" – 10 Points

4. "The Plaster Cast of A Footprint From A Dismembered Limb" – 75 Points

5. "The Aorta From A Twice-Broken Heart" -150 Points

6. "A Stone That Hasn't Just Killed Two Birds" - 5 Points

7. "The Earwax From A Recently Deafened Ear" – 50 Points

8. "The Fingerprint of A Finger Without A Nail" - 10 points

9. "Blood Spilt Through Envy" – 100 Points

10. "A Double Sided Coin" - 5 Points


A field test was conducted between two Class D personnel on Site-██.

Procedure: Both Class D personnel simultaneously observed SCP-1431.

SCP-1431 manifested a list of designated items.

Results: Both subjects read the list of designated items.

The items were displayed on the list as follows:

1. "A Gift Given Out of Guilt" – 10 Points

2. "A Field Mouse That Never Made It To The End of The Maze" – 30 Points

3. "A Computer Hard Drive Containing Pornography of A Relative" – 25 Points

4. "A Light Bulb That Was Changed While The Electricity Was Still On" – 50 Points

5. "A Tooth Lost To Neither The Dentist Nor Natural Causes" – 10 Points

6. [DATA REDACTED]1 – 500 Points

7. "A Note Book With A Sincere Cry For Help Inscribed In It" - 5 Points

8. "High Prescription Glasses Stolen From A Pedestrian" – 25 Points

9. "A Butcher's Knife Belonging To An Unlawful Butcher" - 15 Points

10. "A Coffee Mug" – 5 Points

██ days, 6 hours and 58 minutes were spent recovering all the items on the list. Subject-A was provided with all of the designated items on the list and Subject-B was given nothing.

Upon the accumulation of all the items on the list, all manifested text faded to the point where it was no longer evident on SCP-1431.

Research staff exercised caution upon completion of the test. Both subjects remained in the designated testing chamber without incident for █ days until escorted out.

Additional Notes:

A package addressed to Mr. ██████ from a non-existent mailing address was delivered to Site-██ approximately one week later. The package contained a gift basket and a note.

Note delivered alongside package:

Congratulations! Please accept this gift basket packed with cherry scented soaps and a couple of extra copies of "SALVADOR’S STRANGE SCAVENGER HUNT!" Don’t forget to hand out the copies, unless you like hogging all the fun! In the meantime, we suggest you use the provided bars of soap to wash away the anxiety this round may have caused you or anybody else.


All soap provided in gift baskets has tested non-anomalous and is being stored on the second floor in the spare toiletries cabinet.

Continued testing of SCP-1431 has been halted due to the difficulty and resources required to produce all of the items on each new list. 174 copies of SCP-1431 are currently being stored in the designated securely locked filing cabinet.

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