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Item #: SCP-1430

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1430 is to be stored in a security code locked container. Sustained exposure to SCP-1430 for longer than four consecutive hours is forbidden except for experimental purposes. Additionally, any personnel above a level 1 security clearance are expressly forbidden from making direct contact with the object of any kind. As of ██/██/2009, only D-class subjects are to be used for any experimentation.
As of ██/██/2010, per directive by site command, experimentation with SCP-1430 is to be discontinued indefinitely.

Description: SCP-1430 is a staff carved from the wood of a Douglas Fir tree, measuring nearly exactly 115.57 cm from end to end, and weighing 3.2 kg. Adorning the top of the staff is the seal of the University of ████████ (the original location of the object's retrieval), the figures of an adult man and woman breaking away from chains, and holding a lit torch, respectively.

When SCP-1430 is held by a subject, they report being filled with a compulsion to speak on an academic subject they are well-educated in. If the subject lacks a formal secondary or higher education, they will instead feel compelled to speak on a subject that they personally believe themselves to be knowledgeable on. Virtually all subjects were compelled to speak after ten minutes of continuous exposure, and once a subject has begun speaking, they will continue to do so regardless of bodily requirements, ignoring hunger, dehydration, etc. This effect extends to any and all subjects who hold SCP-1430.

After approximately one and a half hours of continuous speaking, the subject’s dialogue will slowly drift away from their original topic, and relate towards Methodist Christianity, regardless of the subject’s knowledge of the religion. Eventually, the subject will speak only on the topic of Methodism, specifically the teachings of one Rev. Dr. ████████, of the University of ████████, where the object was originally recovered. At this point, though they may actively resist separation, it is safe to remove SCP-1430 from the subject.

After four to five hours of uninterrupted exposure, the subject will cease speaking on topics pertaining to Methodist Christianity, and instead lapse into describing a previously undocumented religion featuring violent sacrificial rites and practices. At this point, separating SCP-1430 from the subject will cause permanent psychological and neurological damage.

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