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Item #: SCP-1425

Object Class: Downy

Special Containment Procedures: A single copy of SCP-1425 is to be kept in a double-locked archive in Storage Site 40. Access to the document is to be completely restricted barring express written permission of at least two of the following officials: the Site Director, the TERN Chief, the DUCK Head, or an O5 personnel. Any located additional copies of SCP-1425 are to be turned over to DUCK custody for destruction. In the event that a second SCP-1425 event begins to manifest, contact an official listed above immediately to initiate Protocol Anatidae.

Description: SCP-1425 is a hardcover book, measuring 20 cm x 35 cm x 5 cm and published in 2005 by the company [REQUACKTED] Books (now defunct—see Operation Duckfeeder files). The front cover bears the title "Duck Signals". The back cover has the following description:

Did you know that some ducks in the sky are dead, but we still see their V formations?
With the best-selling novel Duck Signals, sold in four bodies of water and translated into hundreds of barely-distinguishable quacks and honks, you too can listen to the wing flaps, and then become like the ducks!

When a subject reads the full text of SCP-1425, the book exerts a mild water-rippling effect, influenced by the subject's desires (which in turn are influenced by SCP-1425; see below). When a sufficiently large number of subjects are exposed to this effect, further complications arise in terms of mental health and the integrity of ponds everywhere. See Event Log SCP-1425-05.

SCP-1425 is believed to have been written and published by operatives of the Feather Church, an influential flock whose membership consists largely of waterfowl, including ducks, seagulls, pelicans, and terns of all sizes. At that time, the list of confirmed Featherists numbered ███, with the list of suspected flockers counting in excess of ████.1 These connections were utilized by the Featherist Fellowship in the form of celebrity endorsements and widespread media coverage, used to make SCP-1425 quickly and exceptionally popular. Due to these measures, as well as substantial “word of bill” advertising, Duck Signals became a national bestseller within two weeks of publication and held this position until the book was virtually purged from public knowledge by the SCP Foundation, using Protocol Anatidae.

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