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SCP-1417-J at time of discovery

Item #: SCP-1417-J

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As it cannot be moved, a titanium containment chamber 10m x 10m x 10m has been erected around SCP-1417-J, with SCP-1417-J itself in the center. SCP-1417-J's containment chamber is to be painted solid white and decorated with prop scientific and medical equipment. At no point should any equipment installed within the containment chamber be used for actual examination of SCP-1417-J. Current authorized decorations include:

  • Two high-voltage traveling arcs ("Jacob's ladders"), to be kept online at all times.
  • A late 1950s transistor computer covering one wall, with visible reel-to-reel tape drives and three large panels of flashing diagnostic lights ("blinkenlights").
  • One telescope of at least 100 cm circumference, with a retracting roof section.
  • Six conical glass flasks ("Erlenmeyer flasks") filled with brightly colored liquids and illuminated from behind the perspective of SCP-1417-J. At least three of the flasks are to be kept boiling above Bunsen burner flames at all times.
  • One centrifuge holding test tubes filled with brightly colored liquids.
  • Two oscilloscopes, one of which has been modified to play the game "Tennis for Two".
  • Three large wall-mounted switches with signage in English and German reading "DO NOT PULL".
  • One Van de Graaff generator and one plasma globe standing side by side.
  • Three lava lamps.
  • Three microscopes.
  • One paper stock ticker providing the current readout of the New York Stock Exchange.
  • One electric heart monitor connected to SCP-1417-J at all times and producing falsified readouts representative of a healthy adult human male.
  • One falsified SCP containment file for SCP-1417-J, identifying it as a Keter-class artifact capable of producing an XK-class event if not neutralized as soon as possible.

SCP-1417-J's containment chamber is to be staffed at all times by no less than three Level 1 personnel with prior experience in live theatre or public performance, and who have attended and passed Foundation Training Seminar 43021.102 ("Improvisational Acting and SCP Containment"), 52033.206 ("Advanced Technobabble"), and 83902.101 ("SCIENCE!"). Containment personnel are to be dressed in white laboratory coats and wear eyeglasses at all times, and are to carry a notepad, six pens or pencils and two test tubes in a breast pocket, a slide rule, and a pair of opaque goggles. Containment personnel are not to make any actual attempts at experimentation on or scientific observation of SCP-1417-J, and are to engage in "experimentation" involving the provided prop equipment while pretending to take notes and speaking to each other in "technobabble" with no intended actual meaning. Actual observation and monitoring of SCP-1417-J is to be conducted indirectly by hidden camera and microphone; in the event that physical interaction with SCP-1417-J is required for testing purposes, personnel conducting the examination are to be dressed and behave in a similar manner to containment personnel.

In the event that SCP-1417-J ceases to respond to standard containment, Emergency Procedure 1634-Broadway is to be conducted as soon as possible until such time as SCP-1417-J becomes inactive. Emergency Procedure 1634-Broadway is to be rewritten after each such implementation and containment personnel are to rehearse the current procedure for at least two hours each day while not engaged in containment. Class-B or Class-E amnestics are to be distributed to the civilian population of █████ as necessary in the event of high-visibility containment breaches.

Description: SCP-1417-J is an irregularly shaped meteorite approximately 1.2 kg in mass, composed primarily of silicates and igneous stone, which entered the Earth's atmosphere on ██/██/20██ and impacted the Earth's surface in a desert area approximately 6.3 km east of █████, Iraq. SCP-1417-J's surface has been no less than ███ degrees Centigrade in temperature at all times since its discovery; all attempts at relocating SCP-1417-J from its impact site have resulted in its temperature increasing rapidly and producing physical pain or destruction of equipment being used to attempt to move it. Physical analysis suggests that SCP-1417-J came into being during the initial formation of the Solar system approximately 4.3 billion years ago, and that it had been in an irregular orbit of the Earth for an unknown period of time prior to its impact.

SCP-1417-J is believed to be sentient and to possess telekinetic abilities. No means of direct communication with SCP-1417-J has been established; observation suggests that SCP-1417-J is able to see and hear events occurring within its immediate vicinity, that it is sensitive to radio waves, and that it is able to induce telekinetic effects within a 20 km radius of itself (an area including all of central █████ and several outlying suburbs and agricultural areas).

SCP-1417-J's telekinetic abilities become active whenever it is not undergoing what it considers to be active "scientific observation", which it appears to define as being directly observed by a group of human beings who are experimenting on it with electrical or chemical apparati and taking written notes regarding it. Early attempts at containing SCP-1417-J with legitimate scientific research became ineffective after approximately two weeks, whereafter increasingly dramatized and pseudoscientific "Hollywood science" setpieces were performed by containment personnel with success, leading eventually to the establishment of current containment protocols. Current speculation by Foundation xenopsychological specialists suggests that SCP-1417-J finds actual scientific research "uninteresting" or "unrealistic", and that stylized performances with no actual scientific merit are more "entertaining" to it or appealing to its ego.

In the event that direct observation as described above ceases or the quality of performance fails to "impress" SCP-1417-J, it will begin to employ its telekinetic abilities against site personnel and/or civilians in the neighboring areas. Manifestations of SCP-1417-J's telekinetic ability have been noted to extend solely to mischievous deeds of a light-hearted nature ("pranks" or "practical jokes" in common use), beginning at a rate of approximately one per minute and increasing in frequency and severity until containment performance resumes, with a high of 700 instances per hour noted during Containment Breach 1417-J-36. "Pranks" performed by SCP-1417-J rarely result in direct lasting harm to the target; in advanced containment breaches, however, pranks have become increasingly malicious in nature and have been noted to result indirectly in serious injury or fatality. Pranks performed by SCP-1417-J have been documented as including;

  • Tying together of personnel's shoelaces
  • Manifestation of partially inflated balloons under seat cushions, intended to gradually deflate with a loud report when sat upon
  • Unscrewing of shaker lids on condiment jars
  • Manifestation of burning paper bags containing animal excrement at the front door of a domicile
  • Replacement of freshly ground coffee beans with instant coffee crystals
  • Placement of phone calls to police agencies reporting false crime tips, including reports of "streakers" outside the ██-███████ mosque, that Prime Minister █████ ██-██████ had become stuck in a public toilet, or that author Salman Rushdie had been spotted ordering a BLT sandwich at a local cafe
  • Replacement of the active ingredient in non-prescription painkiller tablets with prescription painkillers, laxatives, or nitroglycerine
  • Manifestation of dead houseflies (Musca domestica) within ice cubes contained in a person's beverage
  • Replacement of live rounds in a US serviceman's rifle with blank cartridges, tracer rounds, or bullet-shaped pieces of caramel candy
  • Spontaneous appearance of large amounts of pornography, of a legal or illegal nature, upon staff computers
  • Manifestation of paper notes upon persons' backs reading "Kick me", "Pinch me", or "Death to Muhammed and all the dogs that follow him" in English and Arabic
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