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Entrance to SCP-1395

Item #: SCP-1395

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation agents shall work with the governments of Greece and the European Union to suppress public knowledge of SCP-1395. A barbed wire fence measuring three metres in height and twenty metres in length shall be erected to prevent unauthorized access to SCP-1395, with at least three security outposts stationed in the surrounding area. Unauthorized civilians attempting to access SCP-1395 shall be administered Class B amnestics and redirected elsewhere.

Description: SCP-1395 is a cave located near Mount ████, Greece. Carbon dating of human remains and artifacts present within the cave suggest human habitation first began around ███ BCE, which is consistent with SCP-1395-A's claimed history (see below). Surveys conducted by Foundation personnel suggest a depth of at least five hundred metres; further exploration of the cave is scheduled pending approval. (Requests no longer accepted; see addendum 1395-A)

SCP-1395's anomalous properties manifest when persons travel approximately three hundred metres inside the cave. After reaching this point, SCP-1395-A will manifest, blocking the path leading deeper into the cave (though not with any apparent hostile intent). SCP-1395-A is a humanoid entity, appearing to observers as a silhouetted apparition roughly 1.8 metres in height. Though it will not forcefully impede any attempts to leave the cave, ██% of persons encountering SCP-1395-A report a strong desire to stay within its presence.

SCP-1395-A identifies itself as ██████████, and claims that it lived in the Ancient Greek city-state of Carystus around ███ BCE. Through unknown means, it was "bound" to the cave (see Interview Log), and apparently cannot manifest anywhere outside of it. SCP-1395-A speaks in the native language of whomever it is addressing; when questioned, however, it will insist it is speaking Attic Greek.

If approached by an individual or group, SCP-1395-A will engage the subject(s) in conversation, appearing to derive pleasure from describing and recounting its presumed life. Following the encounter, SCP-1395-A will demanifest, erasing all memories of the encounter from the individual(s)' mind. This will likewise affect written material, rendering writing on any sort of physical surface during the event illegible; however, digital records are not affected, making recording equipment a necessity when interacting with SCP-1395-A.

Since its discovery by Foundation personnel, SCP-1395-A has been consistently cooperative. Further interviews are recommended in order to better understand its anomalous properties.

Addendum-1395-A: During an exploration on ██/██/████, researchers managed to reach a depth of ███ metres without encountering SCP-1395-A. At this point, the exploration team reportedly become unable to move, and all equipment carried by personnel ceased functioning. Dr. ██████ claims to have briefly [REDACTED] shortly before going into catatonic shock and had to be transported out of the cave for medical assistance. When SCP-1395-A was questioned on this occurrence, it replied "do not attempt to join me." and immediately demanifested. Both SCP-1395-A and Dr. ██████ have consistently refused to discuss the incident since the date, the latter claiming "you wouldn't understand even if I told you."

Following this incident, all survey requests proposing exploration past the five hundred metre mark are preemptively denied.

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