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SCP-1394-J prior to insertion.

Item #: SCP-1394-J

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1394-J escaped containment in 1995, and all attempts to return it to containment have been unsuccessful.  Current containment efforts involve supplanting SCP-1394-J with a replacement standard (see Project Thunderbolt), which has met with limited success to date.

Description: SCP-1394-J is any instance of a rectangular connector adhering to the Universal Serial Bus (USB) Type A standard, such as found on typical wired computer keyboards and mice.  All known instances of SCP-1394-J demonstrate anomalous behavior when attempting to insert them into a corresponding USB Type A socket.  No matter how carefully the user studies the orientation of SCP-1394-J and socket, during the initial insertion attempt SCP-1394-J will invariably be found to be upside-down.  When the user flips SCP-1394-J over and attempts to re-insert it, it will again be found to be upside-down.  In no case can SCP-1394-J be correctly inserted prior to the third attempt, and an average of four attempts are required before SCP-1394-J is oriented correctly.

While this behavior does not directly harm users of SCP-1394-J, it requires users to spend additional time continually re-orienting SCP-1394-J in order to successfully connect it.  The lost productivity due to this wasted time has been calculated at █.██ billion USD.

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