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Item #: SCP-1393

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The property surrounding SCP-1393, formerly owned by the J.W. and Sons Corporation, is to be designated Site-97. Mobile Task Force Beta-7 (aka "Maz Hatters") are to be tasked with cleanup operations and onsite security. SCP-1393 is to be buried with an adequate amount of earth as to neutralize its active effect. Material produced by SCP-1393 is to be handled as detailed in the standard protocols for extrinsic hazardous materials.

The material will need to be mixed with moist clay earth at a ratio of 3:1 before being hauled away to be properly disposed of on site. Disposal will consist of hauling the material to the NW corner of Site-97 and spread across the ground. Once cooled, a 30cm layer of clay earth will be spread on top. Future reclamation plans will consist of converting Site-97 into a shipping container storage yard once cleanup operations have completed.

Samples of the material produced by SCP-1393 will need to be collected and sent to Research Site-45 for scheduled bi-weekly testing.

Description: SCP-1393 is a spherical portal measuring 1.8m in diameter and positioned 10cm above the ground. SCP-1393 has remained active since Feb. 17th, 2013 (2 days after its initial sighting). While active, SCP-1393 continually exudes a partially vitreous slag-like substance from its surface at rate of 12m3/hr. This material's temperature has been measured to range between 1,500°C and 1,800°C. Roughly 85% of this material is primarily composed of a combination of silica, quicklime, alumina, sodium borate, and magnesite. Traces of mercury, uranium, phosphorous, sulfur, radium, and other toxic elements in varying amounts have also been detected.

Before SCP-1393 entered its current active state, a humanoid being designated SCP-1393-1 was observed performing reconnaissance and surveying of the immediate area. SCP-1393-1 was reported wearing a Level A/Type 1 Hazmat suit equipped with a polarized face shield and a SCBA unit. The Foundation was contacted about the event and SCP-1393-1 was interviewed about its actions and purpose. To date, SCP-1393-1 has not been seen since SCP-1393 activated.

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