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Item #: SCP-1392

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1392 is to be stored in Locker 139, in Safe Item Storage room 391. Employees may submit a request for treatments at the referral of a site physician. If approval is given, use of SCP-1392 is to be administered and strictly monitored by a medical professional. In the event of a negative feedback bleeding, a transfusion must be completed as soon as possible to prevent neurological damage.

Description: SCP-1392 is an antique scarificator, dated to the late 19th century. The object is constructed primarily of brass, with an ebony handle and cutting edges of surgical steel. The brass and ebony components are in excellent repair considering the instrument's age. Like mundane scarificators, it is operated by pressing the slotted side of the instrument to the skin, and unlocking the spring mechanisms. The small blades in the instrument are forced out through the slots, creating incisions in the skin prior to retracting.

The anomalous properties of the instrument manifest upon its use. The object has been found to function in a manner consistent with the Hippocratic theory of medicine, and displays etiological and symptomatic curative properties when used on diseases that were treatable by sanguination under the theory. The number of treatments needed to cure an illness is apparently relative to the severity of the illness being treated.

Addendum 1392-01: On 04/04/2013, during testing, the nurse administering the treatment to D-02842 was instructed to bleed the subject to unconsciousness. The hope was to find the upper limits of the object's effect. The subject became confused, dizzy, and eventually lost consciousness. The nurse immediately stopped the treatment and attempted to stop the bleed. Bandages and coagulants failed, leaving the nurse to suture the small cuts and call a site physician. When the physician arrived, a subdermal haematoma had formed, and the wound needed to be reopened. The site physician checked D-02842's blood pressure, finding that is was being maintained at 70 over 40. It became clear that the effect of SCP-1392 was replacing as much blood as he was losing. The subject was left in this state for five hours before it was ruled that the negative feedback bleeding would continue indefinitely. D-02842 was given a blood transfusion and the effect ceased. The lack of blood flow to the brain over the extended period caused irreversible brain damage, and the subject was terminated. Further testing on the negative feedback threshold found the effect to happen between a Class II and a Class III haemorrhage. It was found that the effect of SCP-1392 could not keep up with deep vein or arterial bleeding.

Acquisition Log: The Foundation first received information about the object when Dr. ████ █████ submitted a paper on a patient of his. █████ █████, 26 was HIV positive and seeing Dr. █████ as his primary physician for the virus, and a recent bout of tuberculosis. At the behest of his girlfriend, █████, he visited a local naturopath for a "more natural treatment." The naturopath, ████ ███████, was in possession of the scarificator, and treated Mr. █████ successfully over a period of two weeks. When he visited his primary physician again, he was found not even to have a latent infection. The treatments did not, however, cure his HIV/AIDS. The Foundation closed down Ms. ███████' office under the pretence of renovation, seized her equipment and took her into custody. She was questioned about her techniques, education and the suppliers of her equipment. When she was found to have no anomalous properties, and no connection with any GOIs, she was administered Class B amnestics and released.

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