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Item #: SCP-1392

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1392 is secured in a standard Safe-class item storage container. Site physicians may submit treatment requests on behalf of employees. If approved, use of SCP-1392 must be strictly monitored by a medical professional. In the event of hemorrhage, a prompt blood transfusion must be performed to prevent neurological damage.

Consult MEDDOC 1392-1 for treatment duration tables by disease, weight, and current chromosomal sex.


SCP-1392. Pre-containment image seized from original owner.

Description: SCP-1392 is a scarificator constructed in the 19th-century. It is primarily composed of brass and ebony. The cutting edge is surgical-grade stainless steel.

SCP-1392 is operated by pressing the slotted grate of the scarificator to bare skin and releasing the cutting blades. This punctures the skin, creating small incisions through which blood exits.

Wounds and bleeding inflicted by SCP-1392 are consistent with the Hippocratic theory of medicine, and display etiological and symptomatic curative properties on diseases treatable by exsanguination under Hippocratic theory. Blood loss induced by SCP-1392 has a curative effect on many diseases historically believed to arise from an imbalance of "humours" in the body. The number of treatments necessary for total cure is relative to the severity of the illness. The current list of approved treatments and dosages is in MEDDOC 1392-1.

SCP-1392 cannot be used to totally exsanguinate a subject. Its secondary effect replaces blood lost to its primary effect with an equivalent amount of deoxygenated blood once the subject loses over 15%-20% of total blood by volume. However, SCP-1392's secondary effect cannot restore blood beyond this amount, leading to sustained hypotension. Brain damage or brain death will follow unless the blood is replaced through mundane transfusion.

SCP-1392 cannot compensate for losses in deep vein or arterial bleeding.

Addenda: Further Investigations into SCP-1392

The following correspondence pertaining to the further investigation and analysis of SCP-1392 has been attached pending finalization of SCP-1392-A and full Ethics Committee approval. Full documentation is available upon request.

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