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SCP-1364 prior to altered containment procedures.

Item #: SCP-1364

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: At this time, there are no means of keeping SCP-1364 completely safe, and methods are currently being researched into the minimization of damage dealt to SCP-1364. SCP-1364 should be contained within two interconnected 10 m x 10 m x 5 m chambers with 40 cm padded impact-resistant polyester lining on all inside surfaces. The areas should remain completely devoid of light and external sound. The containment chambers should be kept completely empty to ensure SCP-1364 remains docile and 'healthy'. Any observation of damage taken by SCP-1364, or any signs of pain should be dealt with promptly with any resources available to aid in minimizing damage.

One cell is to be kept at a temperature of 20°C at all times; the cell opposite is to be kept at 30°C. The chambers should be positioned in such a way to provide easy access between each for SCP-1364.

Personnel are forbidden to interact with SCP-1364 in any way save for manipulation of a projector using shadows to depict calming situations on the wall of SCP-1364's containment chamber. A Foundation-issued audio CD entitled "Nature Sounds" is to be on constant playback within the cell at a volume of 10 decibels, looping alongside playback similar to Shepard tones.

The chamber itself is to be filtered for contaminants on a low cycle each hour.

Description: SCP-1364 is a small, mammalian creature resembling an anteater. SCP-1364 is friendly, on certain occasions attempting to embrace researchers with an elongated tongue located near its nostrils. It does not appear to be sapient, and shows limited if diminishing signs of intelligence.

SCP-1364 has extremely poor endurance and mobility depending on its current state. SCP-1364's physical form remains relatively static when unexposed to a significant amount of stimulus; however, the creature grows increasingly vulnerable to even the most negligible of stimulus with prolonged exposure. The subject seems to respond normally to a stimulus on the first exposure, but repeated stimulus is exponentially more harmful.

Despite the presence of a digestive system, SCP-1364 does not seem to require sustenance; testing reveals that the creature in fact fares better without it, as the process of mastication, swallowing, digestion, and defecation results in significant bodily stress. The cause of SCP-1364's extreme vulnerability has not yet been discovered, as the body shows no specific physical anomalies.

SCP-1364 appears to heal at a standard rate when left alone.

The creature was discovered after repeated reports of its disappearing and reappearing beneath floors and inside walls at ███████████ Zoo's nursery prior to containment; amnestics were administered to witnesses after recovery.

Addendum 1364-A: Documentation of first experiment with SCP-1364 by Site Biologist Dr. Sanders.

Dr. Sanders: Hi there, little guy. We're going to-

SCP-1364 appears to shield its ears with its paws.

Dr. Sanders: Hey, what's wrong, little fella?

SCP-1364 begins to 'cry', emitting liquid from tear glands and vocalizing a low wail.

Dr. Sanders attempts to pick up SCP-1364.

SCP-1364 starts to rub its eyes. Skin in contact with the tears begins to burn slightly. Hair begins to fall off.

Dr. Sanders (yelling): Someone get in here! What the hell is wrong with this thing?

SCP-1364 begins bleeding from the ears.

Dr. ██████: (To Dr. Sanders via microphone) Abort testing.

Dr. Sanders places SCP-1364 on the floor of the containment chamber and exits the cell.

SCP-1364 curls into a fetal position and begins rocking back and forth.

<End Log>

Addendum 1364-B: Stimulus Testing:
Foreword: Repeated applications conducted within 5 minutes of each other. The effect of exponential sensitivity seems to reset after a period of a few hours.

Stimulus Effect
Water Hair loss, subject appears distressed.
Saline Negligible skin irritation, subject appears distressed.
Exposure to candle Subject covered in first degree burns, subject becomes temporarily comatose.
Droplet of ethanoic acid Droplet burned through subject's paw, subject appears extremely distressed.
Subject rubbed against Copper (x1 application) [DATA EXPUNGED]
Subject dropped lightly on natural rubber surface No noticeable physical effect.
No stimulus Subject appears distressed.
Utterance of "Hello" by Dr. Sanders, conversational. (x3 applications) No noticeable physical effect, subject appears distressed.
Utterance of "Hello" by Dr. Sanders, voice raised. (x3 applications) Discharge of blood from ear canal, subject appears distressed.
Daylight 10 hours No noticeable physical effect aside from very mild skin irritation.
Fluorescent office light 8 hours Subject appears disoriented; eyes close tightly.
Aimed floodlight 2 hours Light appears to pass through the subject in certain places. In these spots the skeletal system of SCP-1364 is clearly visible, as are the circulatory system and some internal organs. Hair appears to glow white. Subject appears to levitate until the light is switched off. No physical damage can be noted aside from negligible burns.
Arc lamp 1 hour Similar results as previous, although all internal structure of SCP-1364 is completely visible.
Beam at 30 billion candle power 45 seconds Subject appears to disappear while the light is working. Personnel equipped with welding goggles attempting to make physical contact with SCP-1364 are unsuccessful. SCP-1364 is found on the inside of the cell wall and was clearly visible when the power from the light is removed.

Note: Further physical tests are not recommended, although research is currently underway regarding the cause of the particular transmogrification during the copper testing.

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