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Item #: SCP-1358

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The perimeter of SCP-1358 is to be fenced off and patrolled from 1930 to 07301 by guards dressed in local police uniforms, who are to rotate every three and a half hours. Any sign of wear is to be repaired immediately. Unauthorized personnel are to be informed the area is restricted and ordered to leave; those reluctant to do so are to be detained for questioning. In the event that SCP-1358 is entered for any reason, personnel are to carry omnidirectional flashlights. Instances of SCP-1358-1 that stray within five (5) meters of the perimeter are to be exposed to floodlights until retreat or disappearance.

Description: SCP-1358 is an area of land ███ square kilometers, located in ██████, Canada. It is heavily forested, and experiences snowfall ██% of the year. For the majority of the day, SCP-1358 lacks any anomalous properties. From 1930 to 0730, SCP-1358 becomes inhabited by entities henceforth referred to as SCP-1358-1.

SCP-1358-1 appear to be animated, illuminated outlines of humanoid figures. They display signs of intelligence, occasionally performing coordinated and complex movements; however, instances of SCP-1358-1 usually appear to wander aimlessly throughout the area of SCP-1358. All attempts to communicate with SCP-1358-1 have been met with hostility, and have otherwise been deemed a failure. No further attempts to communicate are planned at this time.

At 0630, all entities freeze in place. As the sun rises, the illumination of the entities appears to wane, the outlines blurring until SCP-1358-1 resemble solid masses of dim light. By 0730, all instances of SCP-1358-1 have faded completely. This effect can also be replicated with artificial light, although to a lesser degree, and will usually provoke the entity to retreat before disappearance.

SCP-1358-1 display the ability to locate human life anywhere within the area of SCP-1358. In the event of human introduction into the area, all entities active within SCP-1358 converge on a subject until making contact. Subjects who come in contact with SCP-1358-1 involuntarily tense up, effectively paralyzing them. Instances of SCP-1358-1 then begin climbing up onto each others' shoulders, until level with the apex of the closest tree. The subject is then transported up this "ladder" and placed at the peak of the tree, where they remain until vanishing along with SCP-1358-1. This is unique to humans: entities ignore all other fauna introduced to the area. How either the entities or the subject retain their balance is unknown at this time.

Addendum 1358-A: Reports of unusual behavior by SCP-1358-1.

  • 04/12/1989: All instances of SCP-1358-1 materialized on the tops of trees, and remained stationary until disappearance. Humans introduced into the area were ignored.
  • 11/23/1992: At 0230, all instances of SCP-1358-1 joined hands and surrounded the nearest tree. At 0448, all instances of SCP-1358-1 disappeared spontaneously.
  • 01/15/1997: At 1830, guards on duty reported hearing whispering. SCP-1358-1 did not appear until 0247. At 0300, all instances of SCP-1358-1 became stationary and appeared to look up, remaining this way until disappearance. Reports of whispering continued until 0812.
  • 07/09/2002: At 2237, all instances of SCP-1358-1 formed ladders similar to those during human interaction. No human presence was detected inside the zone. At 0012, all ladders began to converge on a central location. Once together, all ladders fell backwards, and remained stationary on the ground until disappearance.
  • 12/09/2002: SCP-1358-1 did not appear. At 0730, continuous screaming was heard from within SCP-1358. Upon investigation, a man later identified as D-39411 was found at the top of a tree. At 0751, three (3) minutes after locating the source of the screaming, D-39411 stopped screaming and fell from the tree. Autopsy revealed D-39411 died from a skull fracture.
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