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Item #: SCP-1347

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1347 is to be kept in a standard containment storage unit with two different sets of locks. Each set is to require a key card and a password. The passwords and the keys are to be kept separately by SCP-1347's lead researcher (currently Dr. Thane) and their research assistant. Said passwords are not to be shared with personnel other than members of the O5 council under any circumstances.

SCP-1347 is to be kept isolated from other anomalous items/phenomena and must be guarded at all times by two (2) armed security personnel who are oblivious to its nature. Said personnel are tasked with preventing any unauthorized access to SCP-1347, and are permitted to use lethal force if necessary.

All testing of SCP-1347 requires written approval from the head researcher of the object. The request submitted must contain the exact wordings of the inquiry that would be inserted into SCP-1347, the intention of the said inquiry and a hypothesis of SCP-1347's reply. All testing of SCP-1347 must be supervised by the attendant security personnel.

In the event that a submitted inquiry does not result in a Type A event within ten minutes, all research personnel assigned to SCP-1347 are to be informed immediately. Mobile Task Force Psi-13 is to cease their current assignment, if any, and to be fully committed to ascertaining the nature of the Type B event by any means necessary unless otherwise commanded.

It is strictly forbidden to insert an inquiry into SCP-1347 that refers to paradoxes, time travel, the Foundation, or any anomalous object/phenomenon in any manner.

Description: SCP-1347 is a pine box measuring twenty centimeters on each side with a hinged lid. There is a slit on one side measuring seven centimeters by one centimeter. The phrase "All answers are born from questions." is written below the slit in black ink.

SCP-1347's anomalous properties will only become active in the event that writing of an inquisitive nature (designated as an "inquiry") is inserted into SCP-1347 via this slot. Every inquiry inserted will cause either a Type A or Type B event to occur. This is believed to be primarily dependent on whether the answer to the question could be answered with minimal experimentation or alteration of reality.

When the inquiry is sufficiently simple to answer, a Type A event occurs. In a Type A event, the item on which the inquiry was written disappears, replaced by an object that is identical save for the inquiry being replaced by SCP-1347's reply. SCP-1347 gives a reply to every inquiry, regardless of the inquiry’s nature. This response will occur to both subjective inquiries as well as inquiries that require some degree of specialized knowledge, so long as they are simple to ascertain.

An occurrence of Type B event takes place when the inquiry inserted is adequately complex or thought-provoking. Note that a Type B event is not always distinguishable from a Type A event, and that the only consistent way to determine which has occurred is the amount of time that elapses between the insertion of an inquiry and the appearance of a reply.

A Type B event is a situation in which SCP-1347 manipulates events in the real world to perform an experiment, apparently utilizing any method it deems necessary, which will provide it with the information to formulate a reply to the inquiry. Depending on the nature of the input, the resultant experimentation varies. Once the experiment is over, the reply will appear in a manner identical to that of the appearance in a Type A event. There is no known limit to SCP-1347's capabilities while a Type B event is in progress.

SCP-1347 retains knowledge learned through Type B events and inquiries. At time of writing, it is deemed to possess slightly above average intelligence and a very large knowledge base, although exact measurement of its intelligence level is not currently possible due to its nature.

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