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Item #: SCP-1344-J

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The sole contained specimen of SCP-1344-J shall be contained within a holding cell under constant video surveillance. Once a day, it is to be fed by leaving a live pig within its cell. In the event that SCP-1344-J escapes, staff is recommended to stay away from walls and doors to avoid harm in case SCP-1344-J decides to break through.

Description: SCP-1344-J is a carnivorous, apparently silicon-based living organism. The creature's translucent tissue appears similar to glass, but is quite elastic and highly resistant to damage. SCP-1344-J displays some similarities to the genus Nepenthes, as its whole body is essentially a globe-shaped sac, open at the top and filled with digestive fluids. Stubby limbs are attached to the sac. Sensory organs (two eyes, a nose) and a "mouth" (not used for eating, and serving solely for vocalization) are visible at the front of the creature, composed of a similar glass-like substance, but black in color. A torus-shaped structure at the back of the sac is theorized to act as the brain.

SCP-1344-J isn't directly aggressive most of the time, and hunts by attempting to coax victims to reach into its sac and drink some of its digestive fluid. As it is highly corrosive, the victims' innards will typically dissolve painfully within minutes after as little as 150 mL is drunk. SCP-1344-J then absorbs the dead remains with its skin.

When SCP-1344-J feels threatened, or wants to reach possible victims in the vicinity, its most remarkable ability manifests. It is capable of causing major structural damage by easily destroying most walls and other barriers, including those made of wood, stone, steel, [DATA EXPUNGED] and titanium. SCP-1344-J will simply run through the barrier in its way, typically causing a shower of destructive debris, dealing life-threatening or outright lethal wounds to those on the other side. SCP-1344-J is noted to vocalize a single, specific noise while destroying an obstacle in this way; while originally thought to be a "battle-cry" of sorts, it is now theorized that SCP-1344-J damages objects by generating vibrations of a specific frequency with its vocalization organ, causing a mechanical resonance within the obstacle.

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