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Item #: SCP-1338

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A perimeter is to be established around the location SCP-1338 most frequently appears at (roughly 35°45'50"N 82°15'52"W). Foundation personnel assigned to the containment of SCP-1338 are to maintain the guise of a team of ecologists implementing a forest restoration process. Any unauthorized persons attempting to enter the perimeter are to be turned away under the pretense of keeping the restoration undisturbed; video surveillance is to be used to monitor the perimeter.

Foundation personnel are to meet with SCP-1338 once every 29 days1 to perform a routine assessment of SCP-1338’s temperament and behavior. Any conversations that occur are to be properly logged. As SCP-1338 has demonstrated willingness to cooperate with the Foundation, care should be taken to avoid frightening or aggravating SCP-1338, to maintain said cooperation.

Description: SCP-1338 is a male human of indeterminate ethnicity, of stature and appearance similar to that of a child. Though otherwise physically unremarkable, SCP-1338 exhibits heterochromia iridum, possessing one dark brown eye and one green eye. SCP-1338 does not appear to age. SCP-1338 is able to communicate using simple spoken English, and has demonstrated a talent for climbing trees.

SCP-1338 is able to use plant matter to create substances with certain healing properties, though said substances only retain their abilities while within the presence of SCP-1338. Analysis of the produced substances (usually strong-smelling mixtures of crushed or shredded leaves, herbs, and/or flower petals) reveals no anomalies; however, SCP-1338 has shown skill in curing various ailments, including headaches, eye irritation, and upset stomachs. Shallow cuts (ranging from 1 to 4 cm long) treated by SCP-1338 heal completely after an average of four minutes; subjects receiving care from SCP-1338 report feeling no pain when the cures are applied.

While SCP-1338 favors a forest in the Blue Ridge Mountains (of the American Appalachians) as a place of residence, numerous sightings of SCP-1338 in the Epping Forest of England have been recorded. Said sightings are no longer recent enough to prompt further investigation.

The Foundation initially established contact with SCP-1338 when the story of an injured mountain climber recovering from several broken bones overnight prompted Foundation investigation. A small team of researchers led by Dr. Kiryu was sent to explore the region of the forest the sighting was rumored to have occurred in (see Interview 1338-1-█).

Addendum 1338-1: SCP-1338 has, on occasion, mentioned two other existing family members (see interview log). The identities of the alleged parents of SCP-1338 are currently unknown, Foundation attempts to locate said parents have proven unsuccessful.

Addendum 1338-2: Subjects treated by SCP-1338 for cuts and abrasions were observed to have extra layers of large, rectangular-shaped skin cells growing over the sites of the original wounds. The layers are shed and replaced periodically without harm; the means by which this occurs is currently unknown.

Addendum 1338-3: On ██-██-████, an attempt was made to transfer SCP-1338 to Site-██. SCP-1338 was sedated and transported via helicopter, but en route SCP-1338’s health began to deteriorate rapidly, to the point where transfer was no longer viable. SCP-1338 was returned to the meeting place. Attempts were made to follow SCP-1338 once it awakened, but Foundation personnel were unable to locate SCP-1338 after it climbed into tree branches overhead.

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