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Item #: SCP-1333

Object Class: Enochian

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1333 is to be contained in the Third Volume of Gaspar's Revenants, a text which should manage to contain its awesome powers. SCP-1333's energies must be bled off through epic necromantic rituals, orchestrated by no fewer than seventeen dreadlords. Additional Foundation dreadlords are allowed, permitting that additional necromantic angstroms are recorded by the vociferon.

Description: SCP-1333 is THE SCREAMING MAN! His power is justifiably feared, as a consequence of his very presence ushering in the end times. Should THE SCREAMING MAN ever actually SCREAM!, then I fear for us all, for his breaths would shatter the very foundations of the universe. Consult a necromancer for further information.

Currently, should THE SCREAMING MAN'S powers ever be harnessed, he could be an unstoppable tool for super evil super good and not evil.

Claims that should anyone stare too long into his cavernous nostrils they will "…see into the dark void that lies beyond the soul of man" are currently unconfirmed, pending testing.



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