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Item #: SCP-1327

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1327 is to be kept in High-Security Storage Locker J-21b at Site 19. Any further testing requires written approval from supervising researcher.

Description: SCP-1327 is an English-language intelligence testing kit which superficially resembles the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (3rd revision). It comprises nine testing booklets of varying sizes containing a variety of tasks meant to assess various components of intelligence, designated SCP-1327-1 through SCP-1327-9; a set of coloured wooden blocks intended for use in a spatial reasoning task, designated SCP-1327-10; and a pad containing instructions and scoring sheets, designated SCP-1327-11.

The anomalous properties of the object manifest upon completion of any of the individual tasks. Within 500 milliseconds of task completion, both the test-taker and the person administering the test will lapse into a bilateral complex partial seizure lasting approximately 8 seconds, during which time EEG waves show temporal lobe activation consistent with █████████. Upon emerging from the seizure state, the test-taker will have the capabilities of the test administrator in the domain of intelligence that was just tested and vice versa. Neither the test-taker nor the administrator claims to have any knowledge of an 8-second gap, and barring any radical change in intelligence, both generally proceed as though nothing unusual had happened (see Experiment Log 1327-1).

The test materials themselves show overt differences from the standard WAIS-III as follows:

  • SCP 1327-1 (analogies task): No divergence from WAIS-III.
  • SCP 1327-2 (vocabulary task): Several words are given nonstandard spellings.
  • SCP 1327-3 (general knowledge task): In place of their usual content, all prime-numbered questions concern fairly obscure chemical and metallurgical knowledge such as the freezing point of mercury and the proportion of copper to zinc in brass.
  • SCP 1327-4 (arithmetic task): No divergence from WAIS-III.
  • SCP 1327-5 (numerical working memory task): No divergence from WAIS-III.
  • SCP 1327-6 (symbol search task): In addition to the alphanumeric and Boolean operand characters used in the standard WAIS-III, the symbols used in this task include nonstandard symbols resembling alchemical characters used in the 17th-century Holy Roman Empire.
  • SCP 1327-7 (digit symbol-coding task): see SCP 1327-6.
  • SCP 1327-8 (matrix reasoning task): The numbers provided in the matrices are different from those in the WAIS-III, but with no obvious pattern.
  • SCP 1327-9 (picture completion task): The provided pictures are line drawings which appear to represent scenes from The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz.
  • SCP 1327-10 (block design task): The design which test-takers are meant to duplicate is impossible to achieve with the blocks provided within the allotted time, resulting in failure regardless of the test-taker's aptitude.
  • SCP 1327-11 (instructions and scoring sheets): No divergence from WAIS-III, other than that scoring guidelines for the anomalous tasks are included.

Recovery notes: SCP-1327 was obtained from the psychology department of ████████ University in 1993. The object became known to the Foundation when a graduate student developed signs of severe mental retardation after using it in a study of Alpha-Thalassemia Syndrome patients.

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