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Item #: SCP-1322-J

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-1322-J is effectively self-containing, minimal security is required. The break room is to be shut down indefinitely and restricted solely for testing. Testing is currently focused on gaining access to SCP-1322-J-1. Should a site containment breach of a dangerous anomaly or anomalies occur, extra guards will be assigned to prevent access to SCP-1322-J-1.

Description: SCP-1322-J is a space-time anomaly two metres in height and one metre across located in Site-27's break room leading to a parallel universe designated as SCP-1322-J-1. SCP-1322-J appears to lead to an alternate Foundation's Site-27 break room.

SCP-1322-J-1 appears to be identical to baseline reality, except for its chiral nature. Due to this effect, it is currently impossible for personnel to enter SCP-1322-J-1, as their chiral counterparts will block them from entering. Attempts to collaborate with SCP-1322-J-1 instances will prove fruitless from what appears to be a result of its anomalous chiral nature, and meaningful communication will prove impossible.

SCP-1322-J was discovered by Researcher Cameron Barnes, who proceeded to immediately alert security to the presence of an unknown anomaly. Currently, Barnes is in charge of containment.

Test 1
Success: N
Action Taken: Researcher Barnes attempted to enter SCP-1322-J.
Result: Researcher Barnes collides with SCP-1322-J-1-Barnes. Barnes attempts to enter the anomaly for 23 minutes, but is blocked by SCP-1322-J-1-Barnes. Testing ends after SCP-1322-J-1-Barnes becomes aggressive.

Test 2
Success: N
Action Taken: MTF Eta-15 ("Chess Players") is ordered to enter SCP-1322-J by any means necessary.
Result: MTF Eta-15 immediately entered hand to hand combat with their counterparts. As expected, neither version of MTF Eta-15 made any progress. Testing was abandoned after MTF Eta-15 deployed grenades, resulting in three members requiring hospitalization.

Test 3
Success: N
Action Taken: A drone is deployed towards SCP-1322-J.
Result: The drone is blocked by the alternate drone.

Test 4
Success: N
Action Taken: A drone (D-1) is taped on top of another drone (D-2) and sent towards SCP-1322-J at 60 km/h, in the hopes that the impact will throw D-1 into SCP-1322-J-1.
Result: D-1 is dislodged by D-2's impact and thrown towards SCP-1322-J-1, but is blocked by its counterpart that experienced a matching flight pattern.

Test 5
Success: Y
Action Taken: D-23432 is ordered to enter the portal on pain of immediate termination.
Result: D-23432 appeared confused about SCP-1322-J, insisting it was not anomalous. D-23432 refused to enter SCP-1322-J.

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