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Item #: SCP-132

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-132 is to be accommodated in a 4 m x 3 m room located 8 kilometers below the surface level of Site-19. Walls of this room are to be lined with no less than 12 millimeters of SCP-148. The room contains standard living appliances and furniture, as well as a few luxuries, including a television (without cable), VCR, and DVD player. SCP-132 is given a moderate selection of entertainment consisting of literature, CDs, videocassettes, and DVDs. These forms of entertainment may only be those released prior to SCP-132's admission. SCP-132 has access to a computer terminal designed solely for communication with 2/132-███-███ and other qualified personnel.

The south wall of the room features a door which leads to a high-speed elevator with access to the surface. SCP-132 is to be accessed once every six (6) hours for nutritional sustenance and observation. SCP-132 is permitted to deny and therefore postpone up to two (2) tests in a 24-hour span. SCP-132 is permitted to temporarily leave special containment procedures under supervision of a single Level 1+ personnel. All personnel who interact with SCP-132 are to be evaluated to determine that they have no contemporary traumatic personal issues. If a dark fluid begins to ooze from SCP-132's eyes, nose, or mouth, SCP-132 is to immediately be escorted back to containment unless authoritative personnel elect the opportunity to perform examination.

Description: SCP-132 is an ethnic Palauan human female in her early to mid twenties, with a height of approximately 152 centimetres and a mass of approximately 52 kilograms. SCP-132 objects to being referred to by her SCP designation and prefers her own title, "Dolores". SCP-132 is of average intelligence, having an IQ of 113. SCP-132 is fluent in English and Palauan and can speak limitedly in Japanese. SCP-132 requires all the basic sustenances of a regular human: food, drink, sleep, etc. SCP-132 is diagnosed with esophageal peptic ulcer disease, but is otherwise completely healthy.

SCP-132, when successfully isolated from other humans, has a euthymic disposition. However, when in the direct presence of others, SCP-132 will accumulatively acquire the negative or positive dispositions of those present. SCP-132 apparently has no control over these abilities. The radius of this "affective absorption" is unknown. It has been recorded to reach ranges of 7800 kilometers, though the strength of the radius effectively decreases with altitude or depth.

Because of the vast numbers of those on Earth suffering outnumbering those flourishing, negative disposition frequently outweighs positive. SCP-148 has been found to help filter outside human affects. During these affective absorptions, SCP-132 will exude a dark, viscous liquid from her facial orifices. CAT scans have revealed this liquid to originate in the pharynx, although its ultimate origin is presently unknown. The amount of this fluid secreted is dependent upon how severely negative disposition outweighs the positive.

Analysis has shown that this liquid is composed 40% of bodily fluids (mucus, blood, bile, and cytoplasm) and most of the remainder an unidentified, black acid of pH 2.3. Unsurprisingly, SCP-132 will complain that this substance "burns the inside of her face". Other symptoms of SCP-132's affective absorption include migraines, depression, aches, nausea, convulsions, hypochondria, paranoia, hallucinations, and what have been substantiated to be factual visions. Visions are almost exclusively of past and present situations involving mass deaths. The severity of these symptoms varies depending on the level of negative affect SCP-132 experiences.

Addendum 132-01: SCP-132's room has been successfully installed with reinforcement of SCP-148 [see Addenda-148]. SCP-132 is responding well and no longer requires active access to antisymptomatic medications.

Addendum-132-02: SCP-132 has requested psychiatric conditioning of her abilities. Request approved. Acquisition of a qualified parapsychological psychiatrist is pending.

Document #132-1: Concerning SCP-132's discovery and admission.

SCP-132 was born in [DATA EXPUNGED], Palau, in 198█ and had lived there most of her life. She has reportedly experienced these absorption abilities for as long as she can remember. SCP-132 was discovered when Agent ████-████████ was vacationing in [DATA EXPUNGED], Palau, in 200█ and encountered SCP-132 displaying her odd behavior. Interested, Agent ████-████████ approached SCP-132 and inquired about her condition. Upon concluding that SCP-132 warranted Special Containment Procedures, he recommended SCP-132 submit herself to the Foundation, promising to suppress SCP-132's abilities. SCP-132 hastily agreed. Because of Agent ████-████████'s unprofessional approach to SCP-132's admission [refer to PROTOCOL-XII of Retrieval Code of Conduct], he was subsequently terminated.

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