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Item #: SCP-1312

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1312 is to be contained behind a perimeter of electrical fencing two (2) meters in height. All potential exits from SCP-1312 are to be kept under guard at all times. Any entities attempting to leave SCP-1312 are to be subdued and taken into containment immediately. No objects or individuals are to enter SCP-1312 without specific authorization.

Any testing of SCP-1312 must be approved by at least three (3) members of Level 3 personnel.

Description: SCP-1312 is the designation given to the unfinished Site 41, which experienced an incident seven (7) months into construction in which the entire site relocated three (3) kilometers north. All staff present within SCP-1312 at the time are presumed killed or in such a state that they are to be considered lost.

SCP-1312 is home to a large number of humanoid entities1, all of which resemble featureless human beings of solid coloration. These entities show limited intelligence and are docile until they become aware of the presence of an object or organism foreign to SCP-1312. At this point, they will take the object or organism and contain it utilizing the facilities already present in SCP-1312. In cases where the foreign presence is an organism, they will subdue it first by rendering it unable to move or unconscious. These humanoid entities are divided into three separate types:

  • SCP-1312-1: Humanoid entities of a solid white color. SCP-1312-1 will engage in acts which are assumed to be attempted experimentation with objects or individuals which have been captured. They will typically not approach captured objects themselves, instead directing SCP-1312-3 instances via a series of clicking and groaning noises. SCP-1312-1 also appear to write documentation regarding objects or individuals they have captured. (See Recovered Documents 1312-1.)
  • SCP-1312-2: Humanoid entities of a solid black color. SCP-1312-2 appear to be in charge of the capture and subduing of foreign objects and individuals. They are capable of speech, but this appears to be limited to the shouting of 'containment breach' when they sight a foreign presence in SCP-1312.
  • SCP-1312-3: Humanoid entities of a solid orange color. SCP-1312-3 are directed by SCP-1312-1 in experimentation involving objects foreign to SCP-1312. They will usually follow SCP-1312-1 instances throughout SCP-1312 in large crowds. SCP-1312-3 appear incapable of independent thought and will not act unless prompted by SCP-1312-1.
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