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SCP-1305 during initial containment.

Item #: SCP-1305

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1305 is to be contained within a wildlife observation facility, located in Site-77. There is to be a feeding chamber and a resting chamber. Once per week, a pig or other similarly sized animal is to be released into SCP-1305's containment chamber, to feed SCP-1305. SCP-1305 will then be compelled to retreat to its resting chamber through direct application of bright light.

Following this, 2 D-Class personnel are to clean the interior of the feeding chamber, observed by security personnel.

Description: SCP-1305 is a mammalian organism, with an ovoid body and six multi-jointed legs. It has one large, flexible jaw located on the front of body, containing a long tongue and SCP-1305's lure. It weighs approximately 150 kilograms, with a height of 2 meters, although it is known to be able to contort and compress its body to fit in spaces 1/16th of its size.

When active, SCP-1305 will attempt to hide itself in a dark, enclosed area, such as a cupboard or closet. When it has hidden itself sufficiently, it may release a "lure" at the end of its tongue, most commonly resembling a domesticated animal such as a domestic cat1.This lure will usually display behaviors expected of the organism it is imitating, and attempt to bring human subjects to SCP-1305.

In most cases, when a subject approaches the lure, it will revert to the shape of a prehensile tongue, wrapping around the subject's body. SCP-1305 will then attempt to bring the subject into its mouth and consume them. The consumption usually takes between 16 to 24 hours, during which SCP-1305 will use the lure to draw in additional subjects. Testing has shown that there appears to be no limitation on the number of subjects SCP-1305 is able to consume at one time.

As SCP-1305 consumes additional organic matter, it will create additional lures, which it will send into the structure it inhabits. These lures will be highly audible, especially at times when human subjects are within the structure. In addition, these lures may take the form of subjects SCP-1305 has consumed, primarily taking form of subjects that its prey was familiar with. This process will continue until no prey organisms are left within the area, at which point SCP-1305 will sever itself from its added mass, and move to a new area.

SCP-1305 was recovered from a residential home on 7/19/1953, after reports of the homeowner going missing under mysterious circumstances reached Foundation personnel in [REDACTED]. As of 8/11/1953, SCP-1305 has been classified as Euclid.

Addendum: Document recovered with SCP-1305.

Had a bad day today. Mr. Shaw was being really rude, interrupted me during my presentation. I'd been working on that thing for months, and he had to open his fat mouth to ruin it. The jerk. Rest of the day was pretty average. I think that cat is back though, because Jimmy said he heard scraping on his bedroom window. He seemed kinda spooked, but I got him to bed in about an hour.

Jimmy was at his Mom's house today, so I had the place to myself. The food I set out for the cat was gone, which is a good sign. Gonna put the next one closer to the door, and leave it open a crack. See if it comes in.

Saw the cat today! It was on the windowsill, after I came in when Jimmy said he heard scratching.

The police say they haven't found any notes for kidnapping. God… I feel sick to my stomach. Jimmy is gone. Someone has taken my son. Please, god, let him be okay…

Im alone today. Jim's gone, and his fucking mother left town. I'm sure she has something to do with it. I don't care what Bannister says, he's out there somewhere. I heard the cat scratching again today.

Jimmy liked it a lot.

I saw him today he's alive HE WAS THERE outside my window, looking in and waving.

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