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Item #: SCP-1294

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1294 is to be contained in a room measuring 5 m x 5 m x 3 m, with a filtered ventilation system. Proper medical facilities are to be maintained at all times, and one kilogram of raw meat should be provided once at 8:00 A.M.

Interaction between staff and SCP-1294 is to be kept to a minimum. SCP-1294 feeding, grooming, and waste disposal have been automated, and all personnel must wear a respirator before entering SCP-1294's containment chamber.

Mobile Task Force Xi-8 (aka "Spearhunters") are to be deployed to the Sahara Desert in search of further instances of SCP-1294 under the guise of poachers. MTF Xi-8 are to transport instances to Site ██ for termination via incineration.

Description: SCP-1294 appears to be a male fennec fox (Vulpes zerda) measuring 27 cm in length, and weighing approximately 1.1 kilograms at minimum. Barring hunting methods and procreation, SCP-1294 has shown no differences in behavior than that of a typical fennec fox.

SCP-1294 is composed entirely of a fungal material, which replicates its skin, skeleton, and fur. The majority of SCP-1294's internal structure consists of a thick mold of varying viscosity. SCP-1294 continuously exhales a toxin, containing heavy amounts of psilocybin and muscimol.

If left exposed for longer than approximately two minutes, subjects will enter a consistently increasing state of euphoria until removed from SCP-1294's presence. Subjects will become briefly distressed if removed from SCP-1294, but no permanent or long-lasting effects have been found.

Subjects exposed for longer than five minutes have shown to be highly resistant to pain, and behave in a similar manner to those under the influence of a psychedelic hallucinogen. Subjects removed from SCP-1294 have not recovered from the majority of these effects, and have been known to initiate self-harm in an attempt to provoke stimuli.

If SCP-1294 sees a subject in this state, SCP-1294 will lie on, or against the subject, and rest. During this time, SCP-1294's skin will appear to melt, and grow over the subject, later shifting it into SCP-1294's abdomen. SCP-1294 has shown no limit to what it can envelop, and is capable of processing over 190 metric tons of food in one week. SCP-1294 only consumes living prey in this manner, preferring to eat already dead subjects or processed food normally1.

Addendum-1294-1: 25 specimens from the subject have been given the designations SCP-1294-A through -Y, with identical containment procedures to SCP-1294. The remainder of specimens have been incinerated after study, along with the remains of the subject from tests 975 and 976. The possibility of offspring are highly likely due to its high birth rate. Any reports of abnormally large foxes and/or fungi in the area should be brought to Site ██'s designated head researcher for investigation.

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