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Item #: SCP-1287

Object Class: Safe Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the immovable nature of the object, Site 98 has been built around SCP-1287. The only persons permitted to make direct contact with the object are D-Class personnel.

As of 16/04/1987, D-Class testing of SCP-1287 is to take place once every two (2) hours in between treatments of the object in order to observe any changes in SCP-1287's responses.

Description: SCP-1287 is a rectangular white marble structure located in ████████ within the state of Washington in the United States of America. The object stands 3m in height, 10m in length, and 1m in width. SCP-1287 cannot be moved or altered in any way, including, but not limited to, graffiti, etching, and high-speed impact. At irregular intervals, the names of missing individuals will appear engraved into the structure. All the individuals currently existent on the structure have been confirmed missing or presumed dead. No person whose name appears on SCP-1287 has been noted to reappear.

When a sapient organism makes physical contact with one of the names, that subject will report hearing a voice. When more than one name is touched, no anomalous effects can be observed. This phenomenon varies widely between people, apparently being roughly related to what that person considers to be pitiful or endearing. The voice will always administer the same message to the person: "This person’s family needs you. Will you give your life to help them?"

If the person audibly responds positively, they will immediately be transfigured into the physical appearance of the person whose name they touched and are hereby designated as an instance of SCP-1287-A. The transfiguration appears to account for the physical growth of that person since their disappearance1. Additionally, the person's name will be removed from the face of the structure. These entities will also gain the memories and information regarding that person, including the events of their disappearance, as well as a strong urge to return to their family and/or loved ones. If allowed to do this, instances of SCP-1287-A will lose all sense of their former personality over the course of three (3) months and will eventually completely believe that they are the missing person2. All persons that were personally acquainted with the missing subject before the introduction of SCP-1287-A will show a noticeable lack of interest to that person's whereabouts during the period when they disappeared. Along with this, SCP-1287-A entities are very reluctant to share this information. However, if extensively questioned and confronted about their previous identity, these beings will often divulge information regarding the person's actual disappearance.

Site Director's Note: At the moment, it appears that the names of at least fifty (50) Foundation personnel MIA are etched into SCP-1287. As such, the object may be used in order to discover the circumstances under which these personnel disappeared. Instances of SCP-1287-A created for this purpose are to be terminated after divulging the relevant information. -Site Director Loman

Addendum-1287-Gamma: On 16/04/1987, approximately two (2) months after Foundation containment of SCP-1287, the anomaly began exhibiting delayed reaction to subjects touching the engraved names. Further research regarding SCP-1287 is ongoing to discover the source of this.

Addendum-1287-Psi: On 16/08/1987 at approximately 1500h, all names etched into SCP-1287 spontaneously disappeared and the object ceased displaying anomalous properties. After this point, the structure was vulnerable to damage and alteration, as shown through the accidental damage caused when it fell off of the transport vehicle during its transfer to Analysis Site 53 for final examination of possible still existent effects. The object shattered when it fell, revealing a deceased male human within. This subject appeared to have died at a time corresponding to the cessation of SCP-1287’s effects. Furthermore, subsequent autopsy of the individual revealed the neurological structure often possessed by Type Red, Level 5 reality benders. Both the remains of SCP-1287 and the body have been sent to Analysis Site 53 for final examination.

Addendum-1287-Omega: Analysis of the body found within SCP-1287 has found that the subject died from a combination of dehydration and starvation. Foundation personnel were also able to positively identify the man as ████ ███████, a benefactor who had often funded and raised money for missing persons programs, who had supposedly died seven (7) years earlier. Additionally, Foundation investigation of the remains of SCP-1287 revealed a message written on the interior of the structure, which read:

I can feel that even my own power isn't going to keep me afloat for much longer

I never thought that it would end

I thought I was invulnerable

But it doesn't matter, those people's families are happy now

I did my part

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