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An instance of SCP-1279-1.

Item #: SCP-1279

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Each instance of SCP-1279 is to be contained in a reinforced steel container in Storage Unit ██ of Site 87. Two (2) security officers are to guard these instances at all times. No canines are to be brought within a meter of any SCP-1279 instance unless specifically authorized.

Any testing involving SCP-1279 must be authorized by at least one (1) member of Level 3 personnel.

Description: SCP-1279 is the collective term for six (6) leather dog collars. A tag reading 'Dog Inc. Dog Process Collar' is present on each instance of SCP-1279. No anomalous physical properties are present in SCP-1279 instances, and their anomalous properties do not become apparent until an SCP-1279 instance is worn by any form of canine.

Any canine wearing an instance of SCP-1279, hereafter referred to as SCP-1279-1, will be perceived by any individuals who encounter it as being of human-level intelligence. They will still be aware that SCP-1279-1 is in fact a canine, but they will internally anthropomorphise SCP-1279-1, believing that it is capable of speech1 and reasoning.

Individuals will not consider encountering what they believe is a sapient canine to be abnormal, and will behave as if it were a common occurrence. This perception of anthropomorphic qualities will often result in individuals feeding SCP-1279-1 meals intended for humans and occasionally clothing them in garments intended for humans2. (See image.) Removal of SCP-1279 from SCP-1279-1 results in affected individuals once again perceiving SCP-1279-1 as a normal canine.

SCP-1279 was discovered after reports of a talking dog were received from an anonymous informant. When Agents arrived at the location and recovered the instance of SCP-1279-1, it had been arrested by a police officer for 'public indecency', referring to the canine's lack of clothing. Several instances of SCP-1279 were found scattered in the surrounding area, along with the following note:

Now your Dog too can be a member of the Household! Are you ever sick of your Dog anti-working for its pay and food upkeep? Well Worry no more, loyal consumer! Our new Dog Process Collar will make your Dog a fruitful member of Society! Society needs upkeeping, loyal hardworker citizens to feed the Fields, write the Offices and Keep Your Streets Safe.

Perhaps your Dog will be a Fireman, stopping the Fires from betraying you and your Loyal Family! Or a Police Officer, stopping Criminal Dogs from destroying the peace of a Neighborhood! (Not all Dogs are good Dogs.) Perhaps he will be a Doctor Dog, making open the Dogs that have suffered from a terrible mess.

Whatever your Dog's life chooses to become, it is only due to you, Faithful Dog Owner, purchasing the fine product of Dog Inc.

Dog Inc. - Nos quasi canes

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