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Item #: SCP-1272

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1272's constituent artifacts are to be maintained at a range of no closer than 41 meters, and no more distant than 74 kilometers. No two artifacts with a collective w-axis deviations of greater than 38 degrees are to approach within 8 kilometers of any other topological anomaly. Due to the continuing risk of containment breach, all objects are to be affixed to their pedestals with permanent restraints upon successful containment. Due to risks presently posed by SCP-1272-06, active containment efforts are presently suspended. Revised containment procedures are pending.

After a breach of containment protocols on 03/27/1973, SCP-1272-01, 02, 03, and 04 remain uncontained. Until such a time as containment is re-established, one containment team is to enter the anomaly every four months, attempt to reach the containment vault door, and attempt to contact previous containment teams to advise them to deviate from pre-2003 containment protocols. Before approaching the topological singularity, agents assigned to the containment team must undergo psychological pre-screening. At pre-screening, containment agents should be advised that at present topological density, successful containment is expected to be completed on March 18, 2394, 423 years from initial entry. Present suicidal ideation is nondisqualifying. At agent's request, Foundation survivor benefits are to be paid to the designated beneficiary immediately upon entry into the containment area.

At all times, the topological anomaly is to be monitored via closed-circuit television by a designated Foundation exit counselor. Garments appropriate to all eras of team entry are to be maintained on-site. Upon scheduled or unscheduled team exit, debrief is mandatory. Debrief subject matter should be restricted to those matters necessary to assess psychological suitability to return to duty and technical aspects of the anomaly. Inappropriate topics for debrief include surviving family members, if any, classified information unrelated to the Site 53 anomaly, and Foundation matters outside the scope of the team's historical clearance level.

Counselors should expect readjustment shock. Class C amnestics are to be made available upon request.

Description: SCP-1272-01, 02, 03, and 04 are four identical statues, apparently sculpted by Corsican neoclassical revivalist Emile Abruzzo in the early-to-mid 1950s. Early photographs of the statues depict a child between the ages of 11 and 14, wearing unremarkable early-Renaissance garb and carrying a cloth bag. Since that time, the statues have exhibited worsening topological anomalies, and at the time of containment breach were unrecognizable as their original subjects.

By 1961, while in Foundation custody, the statues' w-axis deviations stabilized at 7, 13, 19, and 23 degrees respectively. Though unknown at the time, permitting objects with summed w-deviations of greater than 38 degrees to approach within 41 meters of a topological anomaly results in a topological involution which rapidly evolves toward a nongravitational singularity.

On March 27, 1973, this occurred, resulting in a containment breach and SCP-1272-05.

SCP-1272-05 is the nongravitational singularity which resulted from mishandling of SCP-1272-01, 02, 03, and 04. At present, SCP-1272-05 involves Maintenance Corridor 2a of Site 53, the topological anomaly containment vault, and sealed portions of two control rooms abutting the corridor. Involvement of spatial dimensions is minimal, resulting in a 19-degree twist and 31 degree leftward deflection of Maintenance Corridor 2a. Involvement of timelike dimensions is extreme. In much of the affected corridor, subjective time is estimated to pass at a rate of 184 nanoseconds per external hour. The ratio of external to internal time at the anomaly's epicenter is presently unknown.

SCP-1272-06 is a human male, age 27-35, first detected by CCTV slightly beyond the SCP-1272-01's containment vault door on 12/17/2003. Appearance is inconsistent with agents or researchers known to be working at Site 53 at the time of initial containment breach; however, due to the uniform dark-blue coloration of features and clothing, resolving facial details has remained persistently difficult for observation staff. Since first detected, SCP-1272-06 has traveled four meters into the anomaly-affected hallway without apparent detection by containment teams proceeding toward the vault. On high-speed video, gait is consistent with a brisk walk.

Per Dr. Collins, researchers should note that the subject's coloration appears to be the result of blueshift, not natural coloration. Presuming a logarithmic decrease in the rate of subjective time on approach to the singularity, SCP-1272-06 is presently exiting the vault at 41% of the speed of light. If SCP-1272-06 fails to decelerate or if containment teams dispatched before detection successfully realign SCP-1272-01, 02, 03, or 04, exit is predicted to occur on or before █/█/████, resulting in massive thermal damage to Site 53 and surrounding populated areas.

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