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Item #: SCP-1269

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The property where SCP-1269 is located is to remain under the custody of the Foundation. No females 23 years of age or over are to enter the property except for testing purposes. One male researcher is to reside within the property under the guise of the current resident, and is to monitor the behavior of SCP-1269.

Description: SCP-1269 is a black, aluminum curbside mailbox, possessing a red flag and a white, plastic post. SCP-1269 stands 1.3m tall, with the mailbox measuring 49.5cm x 15.2cm x 17.7cm, consistent with the T2 mailbox size in the United States. The number ███ is printed on the right side. It lacks any manufacturer's marks, and has minor dents and abrasions, suggesting the object has been present on the same property for some time. Due to the nature of SCP-1269's effect, the object is permanently located in ████████, Massachusetts in front of house number ███ on ███████ Avenue.

SCP-1269's anomalous properties will manifest only when a single female 23 years or older (hereafter referred to as "the occupant") resides within the same property as SCP-1269. Approximately two weeks after the occupant moves in, SCP-1269 will start to manifest unaddressed letters every four days. The contents of the letter are romantic in nature, and are targeted towards the occupant of the house. Surveillance within SCP-1269 has shown the letters manifest approximately three seconds after the occupant's mail has been delivered.

Exactly three weeks after the appearance of the first letter, SCP-1269's secondary anomalous properties will manifest. Letters will begin appearing daily, with contents becoming increasingly more obsessive and erratic, until the point that letters regress into single sentences. In some occasions, multiple letters will appear within SCP-1269. Additionally, when not under direct supervision of the occupant, SCP-1269 will teleport to a location near the occupant and face them. This location will be partially obstructed, such as behind windows, cracked doors, and shower curtains. Under special circumstances, such as during sleep or when obscured by darkness, SCP-1269 will teleport near the occupant without obstruction. Whether or not the occupant relocates SCP-1269, the object will continue to teleport between a range of one to five times every twelve hours. SCP-1269 will not follow the occupant off the property, and all anomalous properties will cease manifesting after the occupant has either moved or expired.

Attempts to remove SCP-1269 from its location have so far been unsuccessful. SCP-1269 will teleport to its original curbside location after one hour of relocation. If attempts are made to replace SCP-1269 with a new mailbox, the mailbox will be teleported away with SCP-1269 appearing in its place. Approximately three hours after the disappearance of the new mailbox, it will reappear in a dumpster 25km away behind an abandoned ███████ franchise. Mailboxes recovered so far have all been found in varying amounts of disrepair, within garbage bags, and covered in painted-on words and phrases.

Addendum SCP-1269-A: On 07/12/04, D-69124, a male, was moved onto the property with the current test occupant, D-72803, after seven weeks had passed. SCP-1269 stopped teleporting at this time. Three days later, D-69124 disappeared from the property, causing SCP-1269 to resume all anomalous behavior.

Two weeks after disappearance, D-69124 was found in similar location as other replacement mailboxes. The subject was found within a large garbage bag with severe bruising and lacerations, an apparently fatal blow to the head, and a lack of hands and lips. See Documents SCP-1269-B for recorded phrasing.

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