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Item #: SCP-1263

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1263-1 through 5 are to be contained in separate humanoid containment cells modified to accommodate pregnancies. New instances of SCP-1263-A are to be analyzed and evaluated shortly after spawning and shall either be terminated or kept for further study at the discretion of Dr. Heung. There are currently 23 specimens of SCP-1263-A being held at Site-107 for testing. Specimens spawned from the same SCP-1263 subject must not be brought within 1.4 meters of each other for any purpose other than approved testing.

Description: SCP-1263 consists of five Caucasian female siblings, designated SCP-1263-1 through 5. SCP-1263-1 through 5 are in a comatose state, and have been for some time prior to containment. Every four months, 5 instances of SCP-1263-A will manifest within the wombs of SCP-1263 simultaneously. The "gestation period" for SCP-1263-A lasts for 3 months, with a 1 month pause before the cycle begins again.

Instances of SCP-1263-A appear to be disembodied human heads of variable race and gender. SCP-1263-A instances lack connections for associated bodily systems, instead possessing a layer of skin where said connections would normally be located. Despite this, SCP-1263-A instances are alive, and seem to carry out bodily functions as a normal human head would. SCP-1263-A instances lack any kind of structure for transferring blood from and to the placenta of SCP-1263. Tests have shown near constant brain activity in SCP-1263-A specimens. DNA tests on SCP-1263-A have been inconclusive.

SCP-1263-A constantly emit rapid, distressed vocalizations.1 These vocalizations are largely unintelligible. When at least 5 instances of SCP-1263-A spawned from the same member of SCP-1263 are brought into a minimum proximity of 1.4 meters near each other, the vocalizations will begin to synchronize, and will eventually become fully coherent. SCP-1263-A will not engage in this behavior with instances spawned from different members of SCP-1263.

The nature and language of the synchronized vocalizations vary depending on the SCP-1263-A's corresponding SCP-1263 member:

  • SCP-1263-AA, spawned by SCP-1263-1, recite audio being transmitted on the nearest 99.3 MHz frequency in real time, in Portuguese.
  • SCP-1263-AB, spawned by SCP-1263-2, sing opera created during the Baroque period, altered to be performed in Urdu.
  • SCP-1263-AC, spawned by SCP-1263-3, vocalize the thought streams of an unidentified individual2, in Laotian.
  • SCP-1263-AD, spawned by SCP-1263-4, tell what are believed to be meteorological forecasts from an unidentified extrasolar planet, in Swahili.
  • SCP-1263-AE3, spawned by SCP-1263-5, act as a two-way communication device for an intelligent entity, designated SCP-1263-Sigma, and speak in English. SCP-1263-Sigma has been largely uncooperative in the Foundation's attempts to extract information from it.

Addendum 1263-01:

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